Doll partners bring true affection to sex dolls and their owners

According to the daily mail of November 16, Copenhagen photojournalist Benita Marcussen has published a series of photos of sex dolls and their owners that truly reflect the inner world of doll lovers. Benita Marcussen spent a year building trust with the doll owners, who spent a lot of money and effort on the dolls. For some, their dolls are their only companions. They either have their own special quirks, or suffer the grief of widowhood and divorce. Others simply let the dolls fit into their social circle, regardless of the opinions of others. Everard carefully carries his puppet companion Faina down the stairs.

After having his first child in 1986, Chris’s wife divorced him and took his daughter with her. Unable to reach them for years, Chris scoured social media to find his daughter and reunited with her. But after the incident with his ex-wife, he was unable to establish a relationship with a woman. Injured Chris now has two doll companions, Lala Salama (left) and Sharon (right).

The dolls are expensive, costing as little as £1,000, with high-end bespoke products costing as much as £33,000. Phil: I know Jessica is just a toy. My family and friends know she exists. But I don’t care what other people think.

Everard sits in the garden with his doll Anouska. Everard, a puppeteer, owns 12 dolls from the United States, Russia and Asia.

To avoid negative comments, Baron von Doll and his Doll Tania chose not to show their faces. Like many fans, Baron von Doll keeps his dolls private and secret.

These expensive dolls are usually made of silicone and their skin is made of a very fragile PVC material. Paula, pictured here, has been wearing out her skin, even though her owner, Sam, has put wristbands around her wrists to keep the material from breaking.

The man who goes by the alias Shadowman has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he’s still obsessed with living with dolls. His family and friends knew about the dolls.

Carl has been trying to date other people for 20 years since his divorce, but after eight years of trying, he still hasn’t met the right person. So he buys Alektra as his partner. Carl says that dolls can never replace real people, and he still hopes to meet the right person. Carl (far right), his partner Alektra, and Carl’s parents.

Deerman’s wife dies of cancer, and he goes on a few dates with other women, but finds that none of the women he likes like him, so years later, he creates a doll to match his ex, Erica, and Deerman’s daughter knows Erica exists.

It’s not just men who buy doll partners. As a woman, Angela bought her partner Anna in 2014. An7na is a custom-made doll with two changeable faces.

The photo shows Nescio50 and his puppet partner Lily. He chose not to appear on camera because his lifestyle puts him under great pressure. He said his mother would prefer him to choose a real girlfriend. He had never been in love with a girl, and he felt that the doll’s companion made him happy.

Nescio50 is pictured on the sofa with his partner Sasha, another doll, while Lily sits in front of the computer.

Nescio50’s wardrobe includes clothes for her friends as well as her own.

These expensive dolls have delicate skin and are often bruised. Doll owners often send them back to the factory for repairs.
A newly assembled doll is ready for shipment at a doll factory in California. It usually takes 80 hours to make such a doll, with prices ranging from £1,000 to £30,000.