Film real people as sex dolls. The world’s first reverse transfiguration photo studio

” Film real people as sex dolls studio ” is a popular photo service for you to turn into a sex doll, whether you are a man or a woman…

No matter the appearance and texture, sex dolls are becoming more and more real. For some men, they are not only sex toys but also companions. In the past we’ve seen pictures of sex dolls as models, But this ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio)production a real person into a sex doll … It claims to be the world’s first turnaround studio ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio) Just as people go to Kyoto to experience kimono and maiko photography, this studio offers photography services that production a real person into a sex doll.

The resulting photos are hard to tell from real people or sex dolls

Forty percent of the customers who came to the studio for consultation were man, and not only women customers wanted to become sex dolls.

The studio was covered by local news in Japan

Not only do they offer pre-shot makeup and hair styling, but the post-shot photos are also redone to make the skin look more like the silicone of a sex doll. In addition, the naming, packaging, opening, and shipping of the sex dolls after the manufacturing process will also allow customers to experience. Finally, there will be a period of “selfie time” for customers to take selfies in the studio with the shape of the sex dolls.

In fact, as far as the fidelity of the sex dolls is concerned, putting these photos together with the photos taken by ordinary sex dolls does not seem to be too discongruous. However, it can be imagined that the shooting will consume more time.

Just like cosers cosplay their favorite characters, maybe cosplay sex dolls will become a part of cosplay in the future…

What do you think about that?

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :