Eight formulas for keeping marriage fresh

Can you keep marriage fresh? Constant marriage will be boring. If you want your other half to feel the sweetness brought by marriage, you must add new patterns to your marriage in real time, so that the marriage can last! Eight formulas of keeping fresh in marriage eight formulas of keeping fresh in marriage

Harmony and thoughtfulness: this intimate relationship and sexual life includes a kind of harmony and thoughtful friendship, which is based on the enthusiasm of consistency and also on the differences between each other. An interesting point was made by a wife, who said: “a happy marriage comes from two people who are opposite in personality and are basically the same.” Her husband is an optimistic person, but she is an introverted pessimist. However, their common native place and religious belief made her infatuated with his spirit, while he was infatuated with her delicacy. Their marriage is often said to have found their other half.

Agreements and wishes: sometimes, despite their efforts, when there is a big fight, one or the other will leave the room. The wife said, “if I go out, I’ll be back in five minutes. We don’t even have to say ‘I’m sorry’ because we’re so happy that the two are back together. ” The couple used this method to avoid further quarrels. The withdrawal of one side reminded the other of their agreement and their good wishes for marriage. There is also a need for coordination in sexual life, such as partners using sex toys and sex dolls.

Ideals and goals: happy couples strive to make a difference in their homes. They work together so that they can buy a farm or a shop. No matter what their goal is, working together to achieve their ideal can make the marriage glow. When spouses focus on each other’s strengths, their marriage will be nourished. This is not to say that both parties have to be optimists. They may also be pessimistic, impatient and melancholy.

Expectations and expectations: positive expectations can play a huge role. Those who are the best at finding their spouse’s strengths have the best relationship development and expectations. When we like someone, we see the best in his or her eyes. So do happy couples, who see their spouse as a real and exaggerated image.

Domination and equality: a happy couple’s equal relationship is most clearly reflected in their financial management. Without exception, every happy couple’s family income is their common, neither his nor her. They never argue about financial control.

Pursuit and respect: among these long-lasting “friends” of marriage and love, the wife is free to pursue her own ideal. She knows that her husband’s love and respect for her is unconditional, whether he understands her decision or not. And vice versa. Many happy couples know how to change themselves. They say: we have changed a lot since we got married, and we all feel better. And their spouses agree. Unexpectedly, many happy couples have experienced marriage crisis, but their marriage has survived and become more and more happy.

Faith and belief: believing that your spouse will always change some of his or her shortcomings will help maintain the marriage. In fact, people do change. We should believe that people can’t change, and a good marriage can help people’s love become better. Couples need to maintain a strong, vibrant, flawless and pure sexual relationship.

Sincerity and frankness: for most couples, loyalty to a spouse does not make a marriage happy, but it can make a marriage possible. Obviously, loyalty is the most basic requirement between husband and wife, so that your needs for your partner can be consistent, and it is easier for you to be frank with him, not only to help him talk about feelings, but also to make him feel your understanding.