A detailed guide to the purchase of physical dolls, before the acquisition of knowledge reserves

The first! Absolutely not holding any impulse!

Doll again beautiful, again is art, will be forced to give in to the current circumstances, although small small doll culture has in recent years, some video, pictures, etc material gradually spread to the real doll have cognitive crowd is becoming more and more widely, but it is still relatively obscure items, the first thing to consider good storage problem, and the family lived together, want to consider how good communication, or how to hide. If you don’t want to be caught on a blind date ~ (for most groups, skip the couples, skip the loners, etc.). Peace of mind to play baby! In addition to the doll’s own private carton packaging, the sofa can also be used to store the doll. The weight is about 10kg. It’s an artifact!

Ok, clap baby party to look over, if want to shoot, so dress, clothing is essential, and because of the problem of communication or face, do not want to let everyone know, then how should do? Snap baby laoren, clap baby laoren! Here a few examples of common strategies, of course, or the main role of communication, you can do for reference. Feel tired, can directly rent a room alone!


(1): recently obsessed with art, can not afford to hire models, do not want to sketch on the street!

(2): recently obsessed with photography, SLR is too expensive, in order not to lose, choose to use the doll to try their own is not this material! Then consider buying an SLR! Eyes must be firm! You are the future baby circle photography god!

(3) : we had a serious imbalance between the sex ratio, he already hang up, the man is now in the journey of companion: armor raw Ji lice, songbirds in distance, while the beginner’s mind can’t return, in order to make the single people from suffering, as soon as possible return to the beginner’s mind, more peace of mind for the construction of the socialist building, as the patriotic youth, I decided to dedicate myself doll, so I want to buy a first study come back!

Two! Definitely know enough about the doll you’re about to buy!

Doll order, give money, sit and wait for the end of the baby? Of course not!

Tpe doll or silicone doll or some details are provided to the customer to choose, and then according to the customer’s requirements to place an order into production! Doesn’t that sound great!

The main options are shown as follows:

Doll skin: black/maple/white. Or some related description for, but it’s easy to understand. You can make any color you want.

The head:

Doll wig design; Eye color; Some manufacturers will provide makeup options, as well as some special head structure options. Like the tongue. Different wigs can have a dramatically different visual effect.


Skeleton choice, most manufacturers will provide skeleton choice, to know that there are many kinds of doll skeleton ah have! Chest fills, TPE is an example, cent is solid and hollow optional, hollow feel can be better of course but general if small bosom bosom model recommends solid can, specific see oneself to choose.

Standing options: the normal version is lower to resemble the human body. However, it is not allowed to stand, as long time will lead to lower damage. So ordinary version clap clap party is not recommended! Because there will be a lot less available styling! The basic doll lies down or lies on its stomach in addition to sitting.

The standing version will be explained specifically. First, the standing version, with the tpe as an example, will have three lower load bearing nails, the exposed kind. Above.

Silicone doll words part of the manufacturer will have hard silicone sole structure, do not affect the beautiful.

But what should be clear is not standing version of the doll can stand at will, only the big doll sole so a small place bearing the key, or need to manually adjust the doll’s body, put the center of gravity, she can basically achieve standing, in most cases or need to rely on the wall and so on, have a better point of support. Don’t buy a stand-up doll with the idea that you can do a shy pose. It just keeps the doll standing for a long time without damaging the soles of the feet.

Another special option is the knuckle, which contains the fingers and toes. (there are only a few factories with two phalanges), most of which have phalanges, and some will offer the option of inserting foot bones. But notice that most of the joints here are wire. It’s not a real bone.


The third!!!!! Absolutely do not believe any intelligent gimmicks!

Based on the current doll manufacturing technology, there is still a long way to go in terms of intelligence. There is more room for research and development in the materials themselves, not to mention the combination of technology products. Intelligence, is generally used as a propaganda point for doll factories at present. Can really make fuwa friends, domestic has not seen, sky-high price robot please skip by yourself.

There is not much understanding of high-tech, because in the short term can not benefit the masses of the cause… Yes, I am.

Take the largest share of tpe dolls,

Zombie version of the mechanical action of the intelligent function is not to talk about, chicken ribs out of the sky.

Heating: commonly known as intelligent heating, it works by heating a hot wire wrapped around the doll’s skeleton and then heating it by plugging it in.

Pronunciation: common intelligent pronunciation, pressure pronunciation. Most of the products are third-party packages with simple built-in mp3 content, which can play the built-in audio through the induction chip and the induction of starting force.

The next step is intelligent conversation. With the exception of a few factories that have the ability to develop intelligent conversation function, most products can be generally understood as bluetooth speakers, and the function is based on the conversation between you and the phone’s voice assistant.

Pronunciation, heating, at the moment are just function-based implementations.