Don’t neglect your health when a man is forty

When a man is 40 years old. Although his career is small and successful, he still has to work hard. He has a small burden at home. Still, don’t be too busy to ignore your health in middle age. According to the announcement of Shanghai national physique monitoring, the middle-aged people around 40 years old in Shanghai are generally lack of exercise, especially men.

From the age of 30, the physiological functions of human body decline at the rate of 0.7% – 1% every year. For example, the output function of cardiovascular system decreases by 0.7% every year, which can easily lead to coronary heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. After 30 years old, the basic metabolic rate of human body is reduced by 1% – 2% on average every year. Sexual life is also on the decline According to the theory, a man over the age of 35 needs to eat less than half a bowl of rice every day to maintain his original weight if he maintains the same amount of activity. If the amount of food does not change, his weight may increase about 6-13 kg. That’s why it’s easy to get fat in middle age. Although the body shape began to change, but middle-aged men still have strong sports ability, so strengthening sports is not only conducive to maintaining a good body, releasing physical and mental pressure, but also to prevent common diseases.

It is suggested that middle-aged men should take aerobic exercise as the main body building exercise. Aerobic exercise can exercise people’s cardiopulmonary function, increase physical strength and make you have a healthy heart. Such as jogging, cycling, swimming, etc. Tennis is a very suitable whole body exercise, which can increase the sensitivity and coordination of all parts of the body. After the age of 40, because the muscle content is decreasing year by year, it is necessary to strengthen muscle exercise. After half an hour’s aerobic exercise in the gym, equipment training shall be conducted for a certain part of the body or a group of muscle groups. For example, for the exercise of the back, the strength of the back muscle has been strengthened, and it is not easy to feel tired when you often sit. Busy office workers usually consciously go upstairs, which can strengthen the muscle strength of their legs. Appropriate use of sex dolls and sex toys.

In the middle age, the appearance of “jiangjundu” is not only disturbing, but also closely related to hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and many other common diseases. Therefore, abdominal muscle exercise has become a top priority, and only cumulative exercise can see the effect. The easiest way to exercise your abs is to bend down. Bend your waist down, keep your legs upright and your arms and head down. Hang them in the air. Don’t force your hands to touch the ground. Try to relax. Then get up naturally and stretch the muscles of your back and legs. Stop for about 1 minute and repeat three times. Twice a day for two to three months in a row. In addition, the method of sit up exercise abdominal muscle is also simple and easy.

Warm tip: when a man reaches 40, he can’t help himself. At this time, he should pay attention to maintaining his body. The body of this age group begins to decline. Men should never be careless at this time.