Do you realize the six feelings of true love coming

A person who loves a person has feelings, we can feel it, especially female friends, the sixth sense is particularly sensitive. So, what does it feel like for a man to really love you? Do you really feel it.

Six feelings of true love

1. Beautiful feeling:As the saying goes, beauty is always in the eyes of the lover, so when there is fall in love, you will feel that he or she is the most beautiful. Even if there is another opposite sex who is more beautiful than the one you love, but for you, he or she is the most beautiful one in your heart, and it is impossible for others to compare.

2. Cordial feeling:When you fall in love with a person, you will have a very kind feeling, with him (her), you will feel very comfortable, very harmonious. You can trust and rely on him or her. He (she) is like a close family, or even more close than a family, and in this intimacy, you feel a warm feeling – this is the feeling of love. In this love country, he (she) is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings.

3. Feeling of envy and respect:A healthy love relationship or sexual life. There should be a feeling of being proud of the other party. You will appreciate all the other party’s internal and external conditions and advantages, and the other party also makes you feel that he (she) is proud of you everywhere. If this feeling exists, no matter whether he or she is successful or unsuccessful in doing this, you will appreciate his or her talent, rather than just focus on the results.

4. Feeling of appreciation:When you love each other, do you like to praise each other, not only for appreciating or perfunctory things, but also for telling other people about his / her good things in his / her absence, even if you can make a bowl of instant noodles for you. What’s important is that you feel great joy in complimenting each other’s enthusiasm.

5. Self esteem and confidence:Love relationship can improve a person’s self-esteem and make you feel more meaningful in life, because love can make you find that you have incomparable uniqueness. Although you have advantages and disadvantages, your uniqueness makes you receive incomparable respect and life is more valuable.

6. Possessiveness:Love is absolutely exclusive and can’t share its intimate relationship with others. Therefore, when love is uncertain and stable, it needs marriage to last for the future, so we agree to meet each other when we get married. In real love life, it is necessary to promise loyalty to each other.You don’t even have to have sex to maintain this love

Do you know how men love you? In fact, for women. Only when you know him well can you understand him further. Of course, if you don’t love him, such a man doesn’t know how to marry. You must pay attention to the above mentioned.