Play with sex dolls, teach you two tricks to have fun

But foreplay in the face of sex dolls? So as to better improve the satisfaction of intercourse. Let ’s take a look at sex dolls in action and find out.

First, the actual foreplay with sex dolls is mainly listening to music, fantasy

Because there is no language to communicate with sex dolls, it is more to be realized through sexual fantasies. It is also possible to fantasize about a star or a girl he likes, a girl who has a crush on it, or an ex-girlfriend.

This is an impulse to have sex. Good foreplay should satisfy the four major needs of people’s vision, touch, smell and hearing. Use music and light to create an atmosphere, say something provocative, and breathe in contact… You don’t have to be too formal, you can change the pattern every time and have more forms.

Second, do a good job of follow-up

According to a survey, in Asian countries, 40% of men have not expressed tenderness to their wives after having sex. It is pointed out that without interplay, women will have the idea that “he only cares about venting himself, and he doesn’t care about me at all”, and hugging and chatting for a while after love can play a good role in emotional lubrication. I think it is also applicable to sex dolls. After the passion, we must continue to be gentle and remember the process of just passion.