Do you know the four main killers of sperm?

A man’s semen quality has a lot to do with his body’s health and giving birth to a healthy baby and sexual life. However, due to the wrong eating habits, there is a downward trend in his semen. Many male friends unconsciously eat a lot of spermicidal food, which affects the sperm quality. So what kind of food are the killers? Let’s have a look.

1. Soybeans: soybeans are a common face. How could they kill sperm? I believe that many people love to eat soy, but men who like to eat soy and other soy products should be careful. Soybean products have adverse effects on male reproductive system, especially sperm production. Soybean and its products are rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens. If they are ingested too much, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones, which will lead to a series of adverse consequences. China has also had a male experts that eating too much soy products will affect the number of male sperm. You can learn to use some sex toy if you feel a decline in your sex life.

2. Coffee: coffee is the favorite of the office workers. The office workers who often work overtime love it very much. The strong fragrance is fascinating and refreshing. The reason why coffee is refreshing is that it contains caffeine which stimulates the sympathetic nerve. Sympathetic nerves control all activities of the day. When stimulated, people will be refreshed and energetic. When the sympathetic activity is frequent, the relatively weak parasympathetic nerve will be suppressed to some extent, and the clinical manifestation is the decrease of sexual desire. Using sex toys during sex can add more fun.

3. Coke: American professor of gynecology Anderson and his colleagues became the winner of the alternative Chemistry Award for proving that coke has spermicidal effect. Anderson heard about the legend of coke contraception for many years, and decided to test it with some colleagues. The results showed that coke can indeed kill sperm, and the spermicidal effect of diet coke is very obvious.

4. Beer: beer is the most popular drink for modern men’s and women’s parties. Every night, there will be a lot of empty beer bottles under the stall. In fact, beer is also spermicidal, especially has been suffering from kidney diseases, and unlimited drinking a lot of beer, will make uric acid deposition lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in renal failure.

If a man wants to achieve the best quality of his sperm, he must stay away from tofu, coffee, coke and beer, so as to ensure the quality of sperm, have a good body and have a healthy and intelligent baby.