American sex toys popular distribution details

This is an analysis based on Google research, and every state in the United States has popular sex toys in that state. Is it caused by geographical problems? The results of this study may inspire sex toy manufacturers to expand their product lines, thus allowing new products to appear in the adult product market, because consumer curiosity can never be satisfied.

 The best-selling adult sex toys in the United States are: a dildo and a vibrator, tied for first place. In addition, bundled sex toys and anal inserts also rank high.

According to research, binding equipment (such as strapping ropes, mouthballs, and leather whip) is the most popular in 9 states, including Iowa and Nevada. The winner.

Research has found that mouthball is particularly popular in Idaho, Nevada and Tennessee. In addition, penis rings and female penis are also popular with consumers in some states (such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, etc.). In 2017, the North American adult product market size was 11.671 billion US dollars, the European adult product market size was US $ 10.79 billion, and the Asia-Pacific region adult product market size was US $ 10.021 billion.

As sex toys are gradually recognized by the public, the return to a rational understanding of sex culture drives consumer demand for fun and peace.