Couples will benefit from the good sex habits

Good habits need to be formed in three years, bad habits only need to be formed in three days. Husband and wife live for decades or even a lifetime. Good habits naturally need to be formed as soon as possible. What good sex habits need to be formed in husband and wife’s life? The following 7 life habits of husband and wife will benefit you all your life. Good habits will make your life more harmonious!

1. Believe that you are sexy: the first good habit a couple should develop is to maintain self-confidence in their bodies and believe that their partners are attracted to them. This is very important. It is not only the affirmation of one’s own charm, but also the trust of one’s partner. After bathing, skin care, appreciation of the body through the mirror and mutual praise of the body are all ways to cultivate good habits.

2. Flirting starts with small things: don’t think it takes a lot of trouble to arouse your passion. Dr. Madeleine, the author of rekindling, points out that flirting needs to form a good habit of starting from small things. For example, a phone call at lunchtime saying “I miss you” will make your lover full of expectation; a flirting text message can prepare both parties for a night of ecstasy; touching each other’s arms with hints, or a couple walking hand in hand can really strengthen the relationship between the two people. “Good sex habits should be enjoyed in a positive way, not nitpicking about details,” says Dr. Greer. You can often communicate positivity through a simple “I really enjoy what you do” during sex, which can make the sexual experience better. Even if the other party has done something that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t murmur, it can be changed by redirecting him or her.

3. Reserve time for sex: after the days of newlyweds like glue, couples still need to form a good habit of reserving time for sex. ‘sex doesn’t come naturally, we’re in a busy society and there are so many distractions that it’s easy to ignore sex,’ Mr. Offerman said. Couples need to plan sex, communicate, find the frequency of sexual life that both parties feel satisfied with, and then try their best to ensure a good sexual life on time and with good quality. Couples can also enjoy sex toys together

4. Respond to your partner’s sexual needs every time: it doesn’t mean having sex with your partner when you don’t want to. Develop the habit of understanding your partner’s sexual needs, so that you don’t let them down and affect your relationship. If the woman does not want to have sex, she can masturbate her lover or make an appointment to meet him later. In short, don’t simply say “no”.

5. Form the habit of sexual fantasy: whether it’s telling each other the details of sexual fantasy that make people feel happy, or imagining the happiness of husband and wife in the sky, in a word, sexual fantasy is a good habit, which can make the heart beat faster and the passion soar. Don’t be ashamed of sexual fantasy. There is no moral judgment in the imaginary world.

6. Every time you have sex, you should devote yourself to it: if the other half thinks that you just have sex to fulfill your obligations, it will do great harm to the marriage. The first element of good sex is immersion in the present experience. Therefore, when having sex, you must put yourself into it and enjoy it. This requires you to form a good habit of concentration. Turning off your mobile phone and keeping away from the computer are helpful to form a good habit.

7. Respect for each other: sex with a high degree of intimacy is based on mutual trust and respect. Do not ask for sex when one or both parties are tired, sick or in a bad mood. Keep your body clean, skin smooth and your privacy fresh, which will make you feel comfortable.

Harmonious sex life is the cornerstone of husband and wife’s feelings, especially for men, it’s the only myth that electricity is light! In husband and wife’s life, gradually develop these good habits to provide a feasible guarantee for your long marriage!