Birth of a inflatable doll: A trip to an adult products manufacturing plant

What introduce below is the inflatable doll of cost price more than 10 dollars, cannot compare with the physical sex doll cost thousands of dollars. the difference between inflatable doll and physical sex doll is that the entity sex doll’s materials are more exquisite and the design is more exquisite. Entity sex doll is more realistic to use. Today we will reveal the production process of the inflatable doll that we often can’t get online.

Today’s physical dolls look more like real people

Tailors use heat technology to glue the edges of plastic seams together in a molded with environmentally friendly PVC

After being glued together by the tailor, the doll needs to be inflated for testing. If any leak is found, it will be returned to the previous process for further completion or repair

The doll’s chest accessories were colored like a pile of upside-down bowls

Hand dyed, You can dye it pink if you want and black if you want

Choose the chest accessories after spray color

The chest accessories works with the body’s link

Beautify her face

Lip color

Put false eyelashes on your eyes

Draw eyebrow

This is what low-end products made

After the feet are trimmed

The semi-finished product after molding

Reaeration test

Piles of tests

Finished product packaging bag

Bagged for distribution of adult supplies inflatable dolls, in a few years ago this kind of low-end inflatable dolls are in demand

Is that what you got?

Each inflatable doll on the Internet retail price in 10-25 dollar, do you still dare to believe you can buy a dreamlover online?

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :