Beware of sperm heat stroke in summer

Semen consists of seminal plasma and spermatozoa, which are produced by spermatogenic cells of testis, mature in epididymis and transported through vas deferens. Seminal plasma is mainly secreted by prostate gland, seminal vesicle gland, bulbar gland and other accessory glands. Seminal plasma mainly comes from seminal vesicle gland and prostate, the former accounts for 60%, the latter accounts for 30%, and the rest 10% is secreted by epididymis, ampulla of vas deferens, bulbar gland of urethra and other tissues. In this process, any organ, link and other abnormalities will cause semen changes and affect sexual life. Most men think that the strength of sperm seems to be closely related to men’s sexual ability. Experts in andrology say that male sperm is actually quite sensitive and fragile. All kinds of external or internal stimulation from life may reduce its vitality, or even kill its vitality. So what killed the sperm?

1. Sperm heat stroke

“Low temperature environment” is the best pregnant space for sperm, and high temperature is a cruel test for sperm survival. Therefore, if men like to wear tight and airtight underwear, jeans or have the habit of soaking in hot water, or even often work in high temperature environment, the sperm will die in the long run. Recently, the temperature has been rising, and the high temperature will also affect the sperm vitality. In addition, high temperature is easy to make people grumpy, low mood, poor mental state and so on, which will affect the vitality of sperm. This is because the condition of low mood and good mental state will have adverse effects on human endocrine, and the sperm production function of male testicles will also be confused, and the number of sperm may be sharply reduced, or even serious, there is a hidden worry of infertility. So high temperature weather, male sperm will also appear emotional heatstroke, leading to male infertility. Usually you can use sex dolls or sex toys to alleviate sexual needs

2. Inadequate sperm nutrition

a. Medical drugs stimulate sperm, Tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anticancer drugs, Marilyn in chemical drugs, hormone drugs and other drugs are harmful to the growth of sperm, so men should try to avoid long-term and large-scale exposure to such harmful substances. In addition, radiation may also cause abnormal changes of sperm chromosomes, so abuse should be avoided.

b. Tea poison sperm with alcohol and tobacco, According to medical research, nicotine in cigarettes will harm sperm, reduce sperm content in men’s semen, and increase the content of abnormal sperm; in addition, alcohol will lead to the weakening of reproductive function, cause chromosomal abnormalities, and further lead to the occurrence of fetal malformation or dysplasia.

c. Sperm needs nutrition, The production and growth of sperm need the human body to continuously supplement basic nutrition. If men have the habit of partial feeding, it will cause uneven nutrition intake, make sperm hungry, of course, it will cause sperm weakness, failure, and even death, which will hinder the sexual desire and function of men.