Bed games give you high quality sexual life

Sex skills can not be practiced in one day, but need to be connected and mastered every day. So, don’t wait until that time to learn new skills. It’s too late at that time, and to live a good sex, you need to learn sex skills and role play at any time. This is what experts have always stressed. Choose the right sex technique to double the quality of your sex in an instant. Different props can be added to bed games, such as sex toy and sex doll to make sex more fun.

Women upper position

In order to pursue more sexual stimulation in sexual life, women prefer to have sex between men and women. This kind of position makes penis enter deeper and brings more satisfaction to women. This position requires the man to lie on his back and let her sit on your thigh in a cross sitting manner, and ask her to grasp the penis you have raised your head and are ready to stride with one hand, which is guided by her. Such a rooming posture is conducive to promoting the degree of harmony of the house life, to a certain extent, promoting the increase of emotion. This movement is dominated by women. For men who have always been active and women who are accustomed to passivity, both sides can enjoy unprecedented pleasure. The men lying at work can appreciate the organs that intersect with each other, while the women in the upper position can adjust their posture accurately by active attack, which helps the G-spot get multiple stimulation.

Blindfolded sex

Many couples say that blindfold love is more exciting than close eyes love. When close eyes love, the initiative is in each other’s place. You need to identify the location by touch or hearing. When the eyes are blindfolded, the mysterious experience is exciting and hot! Because we don’t see, other senses become acute. Ordinary affairs will create unprecedented surprises and form the best sexual stimulation. You can exchange blindfold with each other and experience the pleasure of being in control of each other’s body.

Erogenous Zones

The most fear of sexual skills is the unchanging posture. The other side will be disgusted after a long time. “The skin is the biggest sex organ of human body”, the sexy belt varies from person to person. Although it is fast and accurate to lay hands on the sex organ, the unexpected touch will often have amazing stimulating feelings. Don’t let her find out your moves. It’s just like competing in martial arts. Although martial arts have routines to follow, the more fascinating and attractive you are, the more appetizing you are.

Sexual fantasy

The sexuality that men and women need to explore most is actually in the brain. If adult film is the sensory opium of sexual love, sexual fantasy is the spiritual morphine of sexual love, gallop your sexual fantasy and make sexual love have many possibilities. Sexual fantasy is a sexual event in my mind. It doesn’t have to be a sequel in the real world. As long as I start the imagination engine, I can enjoy the spontaneous sex.


This kind of role play can quickly stimulate your body’s sexual desire, and it is very attractive. You can play doctor’s or patient’s games with her, and then have a dialogue of consultation, caress her and ask her to answer honestly. Or you can play the role of a patient, who will come to the emergency room in the spring as a nurse. You will find that the role-playing game has unspeakable pleasure!