At what age does libido peak

Women’s libido usually fluctuates with the secretion of hormones. How old will women’s libido peak?

According to a study jointly published by four psychologists from Texas State University in July in the Journal of personality and personal differences, women’s libido and sexuality will reach their peak at the age of 30 or 40, with more intense and frequent sexual fantasies and more sexual life. “In the United States, women in their 30s and 40s should be the most sexually active.” David booth, a professor of psychology and the first author of the study, said.

In the study, booth and others interviewed 827 women, each of whom was required to complete a sexual habits questionnaire. The results show that women who have passed the peak age of childbearing but have not yet menopause, that is, 27-45 years old, have the most active sexual life. As early as 2002, booth found in another survey that women in their early 30s were more “greedy”. Many women often use sex toys and sex dolls

Yang Dazhong, Department of sexual medicine, Yuquan hospital, Tsinghua University, told reporters that women are about 35 years old and have the strongest sexual desire. On the one hand, husband and wife get along with each other for many years, and their relationship is more harmonious, they are familiar with each other, and they can enjoy sexual life more. At the same time, it is believed that the key factor to determine women’s sexual desire is androgen. With age, the level of androgen in the female body will also increase, so the sexual desire will be stronger.

It’s a pity that in most cases, women are busy with their careers or having children. They may not have the time and energy to enjoy sex. The sexual ability of both husband and wife also began to decline, especially for men, sexual desire and sexual ability are declining. Women will also be aging, sexual organ function decline, vaginal secretions and vaginal dry and so on.

“These will affect the quality of sexual life to varying degrees, but they can be adjusted.” Yang suggested that the most important thing is the mutual understanding between husband and wife. On this basis, we should use some methods to improve the quality of sexual life. For example, both parties can eat some chocolate to improve sexual pleasure. Women can use vaginal lubricant to reduce friction and pain in sexual life. Kiss and caress before sex to lay a good foundation for orgasm.