Artificial intelligence give sex robots life and independent thoughts, will you fall in love with a sex robot?

Will you fall in love with a sex doll? As long as there are literary works discussing stories about the future, artificial intelligence AI is an inevitable topic. In optimistic works, AI naturally becomes the helper of human beings, such as R2-D2 in Star Wars. In pessimistic works, humans are betrayed by robots and end up completely destroyed, such as Prometheus. There are more works that discuss how we should get along with these robots as human technology develops and artificial intelligence improves.

Detroit Become Human Kara: This is our future

They show us a process, not a result. Last year’s game Detroit into Man, for example, had you play three different bionic characters: the leader of the bionic rebel army/the bionic police officer who grabs the rebel army and the babysitter robot who takes care of the human child. One policeman, one bandit, one civilian. Catch yourself, protect yourself, destroy yourself. After playing the bionic man for hundreds of hours, every player will have their own experience of joys and sorrows in the game. I think what we need most now is the third kind of work, because with the vigorous development of various artificial technologies, these are not long ago in the future, it is likely to be happening. Google says its artificial intelligence has enabled error-free translations of many languages. The artificial intelligence of Microsoft Ice, already can write a poem to chat.

Detroit Become Human with state ring

The “future” shown in films like ” I, Robot ,” “Ex Machina,” “Her,” and “Blade Runner” may not be the future any more, but may be tomorrow, or may come before tomorrow. I was surprised before that there were few serious and formal media works in our country to discuss this issue in such an environment. It seems that people seldom discuss serious things, let alone serious things about the future. But last weekend, I watched a documentary made by Tencent news, which was very interesting. It’s called Companion Robot.

Stage photo of I, Robot
Stage photo of Ex Machina
Stage photo of Blade Runner

This barbie-looking doll is called harmony. We mentioned before. In the words of Andy, the director of the documentary, “the best adult silicone dolls in the world.” Although the title of the documentary is Robot Companion, but it actually called “sex doll.”— The programme cuts in a very interesting way, saying artificial intelligence. Not the autopilot, not the translator, not the personal assistant, but the sex doll. That is, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the feelings between human beings and silicone dolls will have what changes. When those silicone dolls that have been bought for sex become intelligent, will humans start to feel differently about them? In fact, the first scene of the documentary shocked me. Actress was sitting in the street, having a long conversation with this silicone doll, hamoni. he doll is fully capable of responding to and responding to actress’s words, even joking around. Has artificial intelligence developed to this point? To find out, the show visited the manufacturer of the doll. Staff told them to make artificial intelligence silicone doll, divided into two parts. Part of it is making silicone dolls, which they have done very well, and the company’s showroom has silicone dolls of all shapes and colors. And part of that is building artificial intelligence robots, which they’re still working on. What they do now is make a smart head and attach it to a silicone doll.

Artificial intelligence companion in science fiction

So their doll is still only able to move its head. Next, they hope to make their doll move its whole body. Of course, the company did not pay me advertising fees, so I will not continue to talk about their company vision. Interestingly, the company is also trying to add human emotion to the feelings of dolls. For example, in one mode, you have to flirt with the doll, warm up with her, to a she will be willing to have sex with you, this very real. According to the founders:”We used to make products that customers bought just to let off steam.””But this is different. This is what we want to bring to our customers: Company, friendship, affection. It’s movable, it’s conversational, it’s emotional, it’s personal. In my opinion, this has been a lot of sci-fi artificial intelligence companion shadow, the future is happening, this is an epoch-making product.

However, the company’s products have been fiercely attacked by a feminist in the United States: “if you look at how many girls are suffering in the Middle East and how many girls are being attacked in India, you are making female robots that are also women and also objectifying women, which will greatly degrade the status of women.” Her question is not directly answered in the documentary. But then, reporter visited many real sex doll users. The man, who did not want to show his face, described himself as lonely and misogynistic after his marriage failed. Because of partner dolls, they are now very satisfied with their lives, not only physically but also psychologically. I watched the documentary on firstrun, when the main team and reporter were there, and someone asked about women’s rights and the objectification of women. they replied:” When I was there, I heard about the sex doll. I thought it was objectification. I had to argue with them, it couldn’t be done.” “But when I did, they gave me a male silicone doll, Henry.” “How can this chest muscle feel so good?” “Empathy, it’s hard to say in a theoretical or dogmatic way that you shouldn’t.” “You’re actually quite happy to change places.” Now the trend around the world is that women are consuming more, so the market is catering more to women, and I believe there will be more male dolls like Henry in the future. In the words of a female blogger next to me — after all, each of these dolls has an eight-pack abdominal muscle, won’t get lost, has a bellyful of wisdom, probably fulfilling the need for companionship better than real men.

At the end of the documentary, an expert said, “whether we agree or disagree, robotics will continue to evolve until 2050, maybe there will be human-robot marriage, and in another 100 years, there will be human-robot children.”What we really need to worry about is how we will get along with these robots in the future when they become exactly like humans. Are they our slaves? Do they have human rights? Will they rebel against us? I don’t know, the show says they don’t know, in the director’s own words “We won’t have answers to our questions now, but hopefully tomorrow.”

Back to the original question: will you fall in love with a sex doll?

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