Are you already sure that you’re ready to purchase a high-end love doll?

If you think lifelike sex dolls are not bad, advances in technology have led to some disturbing and realistic love dolls in the past few years, while dolls made in the East are almost the same as real human.

For customers, this is not only about sex… If a person lives alone, they may be lonely. Moreover, the placement of dolls there helps to deal with loneliness. The customer began to feel the intimate relationship with the doll gradually. They may start to want to talk to them… gradually forming a feeling of sensibility. There will be sex robots, in the nearly future.

sexrealdoll smart sex dolls

Adding voice to a TPE sex doll is what customers want most, and it’s easier for manufacturers to implement. Since sex dolls have different meanings for everyone, if all the dolls have the same sound, then it will become a machine. The best way is to let each doll have its own feelings and memories. Of course, in the future, you can add more complicated functions to a doll, and then it is the robot of the future.

Some people think that the focus of realistic sex dolls is to make the doll anatomically correct , because they are mainly sex toys. But they are not just that. Others regard the dolls as artworks, treating them as human models, and they pay attention to the appearance of the dolls, such as makeup and wear. Think of them as the subject of photography and so on.