A perfect gift for a husband ,boyfriend,partner

Sex toys didn’t become a bit popular until 1999, mainly because of a small episode in the famous drama “Sex City”, in which there was a scene of a female vibrator. To this day, the overall quality of the sex toy industry has generally improved, which is very inspiring. “

More and more engineers and designers have begun to work in this industry, devoted to the development of sex toys even life-size sex dolls that are most suitable for human use, and have both comfort and functionality.

It is the perfect gift for a husband, boyfriend, partner or special friend and is especially useful for long distance lovers. It can be customized as required, and its options allow customers to choose colors, and even choose the internal texture of their choice. Available in black or white, offering ten different textures, from waves to bumps to ribs, and a variety of sealing options. Customers can choose one from pre-selected vaginal molds, or upload a 3D scan of their vagina and print a custom Pocket Pussy 3D. Provide sales of 3D printable files, so users can 3D print their own sex toys at home without having to buy them in a store or mail them to their homes to be embarrassed.

Although unless you reject the game, don’t try to 3D print it in the UPS store. They also have a commission-based market platform where designers can become sexshop creators at SexShop3D and sell their work safely and reliably. All 3D files are streamed using Authenticate, so designers don’t have to worry about their designs being stolen or duplicated, and anyone who buys a toy can make sure that the work files they get can be easily printed without any errors. Dozens of unique sex toys designs are currently available, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, restraint accessories, pacifier clips and even molds, so you can mold your own toys with silicone.