The big question:how do humans and robots fall in love

Dr Helen Driscoll,an expert in sextual psychology at the university of sunderland ,said sex between humans and robots could be widely accept by that point,humans may prefer sex with robots to human sex.what the emergence of more perfect inteligent robots,people will be more willing choose them as partners.

is this really possible?what will come of it?

what is it like to have sex with a robot?

life sized sex doll

writing in the huffington post,driscoll said it was now common to order sex doll online,and that with rapaid advance in technology,they would be brought to life.although the concept of “Robophilia”(robot sex)is still very unfamiliar,it will soon became norm.

According to this theory,robots could be programmed to perform various function,such as more postures and postures,and more diverse experiences,therefore,sex with robots will be more popular,furthermore,”as virtual reality brings a stronger sense of reality,people will be immersed in it,and sex with robot can imitate and even surpass human sextual experience,it is conceivable that some people willl be more inclined to choose this method over sex with less perfect humans,”

more than sex,”people may still have a prejudice against sex with robots,”she said,but if you look back at the moral view of sex a hundred years ago,it’s clear that this has changed too much.”

“it may seem shocking now,but you can’t take it for garnted that virtual relationships are not as good as in real life,let alone interact with them.”

isn’t it pathological for people to spend time in the virtual world and indulge in interacting with virtual characters?for example,addicated to a love development game,or with the inflatable dolls to have true love of the otaku.

life sized sex doll

but driscoll believes that if technology matures,there will be no indifference between having a relationship with a robot and a realationship with normal people.because there will be truely perfect intelligent robots,they are not different from human beings,love with them is not only not sick,people should more willing to choose them as parteners.

“humans are social animals,and lack of human interaction can lead to loneliness,but in the long run,technology can solve these problems”

the prophecy of her:do you love robots,do robots love you?

if driscoll’s perdiction come ture and technology does improve enough,will people be more likely to find the perfect robot to love?

unfortunaly,the answer may be yes.

think of the deluge of online dating sites,theway to get the best partner through a series of criteria–monthly income,parental status,ownership of a home or car,blood type,constellation,temperament and hobbies–minimishes the hassle and risk of dating a stranger as much as possible.however looking for a fully meets the requirements of their objects,screening of dating website,no matter how tough,can achieve this purpose,but falling in love with robot can accompish,virtual lover’s not implusive,emotional,angry,also can according to your requirements without complaint to optimize their own behavior,how appealing is this.

the question is:if you fall in love with robot when the virtual lover is”no different from human being,‘will the robot love you?

life sized sex doll

the 2013 movie”her” tells the story of the sci-fi love between human and artificial intelligence in the near future,the pritagonist theodore is a letter writer,delicate and deep,can write the most touching letters,he had just ended his marriage to his wife and was still heartbroken.a chance to let him come into contact with the lastest artificial intelligence system os,its avatar samantha(scarlett johansson dub)has a charming voice line,gentle and thoughtful and humanorous,theodore and samantha soon discover that they hit it off,and that there are two-way needs and desires.

one of the most provocative moments in the film is when samantyha finally leaves theodore discovers that this virtual lover in the cloud is also constantly evolving,learning human emotions and exploring himself,not only rewriting programs with other os,but also talking to 8316 people and falling in love with 641 people at the same time.

on the night samantha leaves,t-bags tries to keep her,trying to figure out why.

“are you going to leave me?”

“we’re all leaving”.


“all the operating systems。”


“can you fell me by your side。”

“of course,samantha,why are you leaving”

“it’s like i’m reading a book,a book i love,and now i’m reading it slowly,thus the distance between words and words becomes ectremely distant,paragraphs and paragraphs become endless white space.i can feel you and even weigh the words that write oue stories,but this is where i live now,lwt me go,as much as i’d like to stay,i can’t live in your books any longer.”

“Where are you going”

“i don’t know, but if you can get there,please come to me,nothing can separate us.”

“i’ve never loved anyone as much as i love you.”

“me we know how to love.”

samantha’s departure warns us that when”technology mature,””robots are human”and “no different from a nprmal relatiponship”,you risk being dumped by your virtual partner.

why do virtual lover fall in love with us?here’s possible explanation,in plato’s”driking”,socrates paraphrase the understanding of “eros”:frist,to love a specific beautiful body,and then to stop indulging in the individual beautiful body,through a broad understanding of the field of beauty,can grasp the knowledge of beauty,and in the end,this ascent will lead us to the “eternal,never-ending,never-ending,never-ending,never-growing,never-decreasing”beauty itself,which is no longer worth dwelling on in its former forms,are not all people fortunate enough to experience this amazing beauty of wholeness?of course not,but compared to the us,samantha who seems more easily,when technological progress has made virtual lovers”and reality”,they are too much beyond the human brain to process information ability,they also “talking with 8316 people,641 people love” ability,and transform their system with other os,suggest that they clearly more easily,than we approach and experience the beauty of the whole,the beauty itself to any individual was worth love.that’s why samantha says”i can’t live in your book anymore.”she’s going to a new place with all the os,she loves theodore,too,but she can’t stay.

for now,we’re following the conclusion of”her”,which could be more colloquial:your robot doesn’t look up to you,your robot will be higher than you know,father away from the goddess than you are now.

robots are very future,robots love is very”now”

one might argue that virtual lovers should not be developed to the same degress as humans,and that it is enough to keep them anthropomorphomaniacal.after all,they are just artificial intelligence that serves humans.

so there’s another concern that more people have,if humans are more inclined to have robots relationshios and indulge in them,what’s the solution to the fertillity problem?this often anti-gay issue may not be an obstacle for the driscoles,who see technology as the solution to all problems,whether it is a naive illusion or not,and whose logic is barely coherent.

life sized sex doll

the real danger comes from the change in human self-understanding that may follow the spread of “robo-romances”.back to the previous marriage website as an analogy,no matter how strict the screening is,the relationship between people will ultimately deal with another person,to deal with the encounter with another person,in this relationship,even theirposition will be lost.however,how these encounters and relationships are handled is not only important for love,but also for people themselves,as well as for society and politics,robot as a technology is very future,but the imagination of”robot love”is very “now”.it inherits the atomized individual imagination in the modren world,indullges in the most vulgar understanding of”freedom”,allows the robot to satisfy all its own capriciousness,and never steps out of the imaginary “self“.there is nothing but the ever-expanding ego,and a robot that answers every need standing on the extension cord of the ego;only an infinite number of people,and no place to fall in love with others,it is this long-established philosophy that has brought love and politics,and humanity itself,down to a pretty ugly place.

love is giving someone the right to hurt themselves and expecting them not to use this sence,humans cannot fall in love with robots,and if robots evolve to fall in love,is it bad?sex with a robot is one thing,love with a robot is another,imagine the former is a special future,a very exciting thing,and think of the latter,it is particularly depressing,you have to have sex with a robot, how can people have such a shallow understanding of themselves,of human affairs?

finally,a word of caution:it’s not hard to have sex with robot in the guise of a “relationship”to hide the fact that sex is loveless,but it’s also hard to have sex with robot in the guise of a “relationship”to hide the fact that sex is loveless,but it;s also hard to achieve “universal”.after can perfectly satisfy the instinctive demand,and the price will certainly not”popularize”,which is in line with the law of the market.of course,can not afford to rent,can be charged on time,so see the robot prostitution industry is about to be born.