A new sex doll brothel has opened, 80 Euros for half an hour! Go see it!

It is the third store for Sex Dolls and has previously been successful in Barcelona and Russia. Europe’s third “sex doll brothel” opened in Turin. The bizarre news has sparked a heated debate in Italy.

The doll brothel scene is similar to a regular brothel

According to italy-today on August 8, LumiDolls is a business establishment that provides sex services. But instead of real people, it treats its guests with sex dolls, or inflatable dolls. Each of the sex dolls has its own name, such as Kate, Ilary, Molly, Eva, Arisa, Naomi, Bianca and even Alessandro. In other words, sex is not only for men, but also for women. Here, guests can choose to have fun and relax with “virtual companions.”

Brothels have different scenes and themes to choose from

What about the price of sex doll brothels? 80 Euros for half an hour, 100 Euros for an hour, 180  Euros for two hours. There are also different sex dolls available on the website, with prices ranging from 700 Euros to 2,000 Euros for each person to choose from.

Many netizens have expressed their opinions, here’s what the Italian netizens thinks:

  • there’s no business for those ordinary brothels!
  • only crazy people would go…
  • 80 Euros is too much for a sex doll!
  • great, solved a difficult problem for us!
  • Is it cheating to go here?

It is the first time that sex dolls have been used for sex in Italy. The sex doll company has granted a franchise to a Turin company that will run its business in Italy. The sex doll brothel has opened in the city of Turin on September 3, 2018. “We provide a wide range of services and entertainment to satisfy the requirements of our customers. The sex trade here is absolutely safe and legal. In addition, the manager said: “we wanted our guests to enjoy themselves in a super luxurious and confidential place with a completely different way. Our store in Turin is comfortable and elegant, guests will be able to fulfill all their dreams.”

The first sex doll brothel of LumiDolls opened in Barcelona and is also the headquarters of LumiDolls. A second sex doll brothel in Moscow has also been a huge success. The one in Turin is LumiDolls’ third store in Europe. The sex doll brothel is open to all adults: men, women, straight couples, gay couples, groups. “Guests can come alone, with a partner, also a gathering place for friends or hen nights. We will protect privacy and hygiene, “the manager said.

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