Will humans marry robots and have children in 20 years? What do you think of sex robots

Simulate future sex robots

The ancients have said: Appetite and sexuality are human nature. When it comes to the application of science and technology, it is also hard to escape the basic human needs. Sergi Santos, a sex robot developer from Spain, says that within 20 years a human will marry his robot. Even more shocking, Santos not only admitted to having sex with his robot, but also made a plan to have a baby with the robot. While the scientist believes it will become common for humans to marry robots in the future, it’s unlikely to happen given the heated debate over sex robots.

Sergi Santos with his sex doll Samantha

Sex dolls are popular

Brothels across the continent are snapping up sex dolls because of their popularity, foreign media reported. In places such as Ireland and Barcelona, sex dolls triggered a “positive social response”; In Austria, Samantha is more popular than prostitutes.

In Austria, sex doll is more popular than prostitutes

A third of German men said they would be interested in having sex with a robot if the technology was available and felt real, according to a survey on the robot’s desire to have sex. Women were less than enthusiastic about the idea, with only one in five responding that they would probably imagine having sex with a robot. In the US, 49 per cent agreed that sex with a robot will be more common than love with a human by 2050, with a quarter of men (24 per cent) willing to consider having sex with a robot, compared with 9 per cent of women. Interestingly, most Americans don’t think robot sex should be classed as traditional.

Male sex doll designed for women

Ethical dilemma of sex robots

Put aside the question of whether sex robot is becoming more and more reality, sex robot could cause the moral problems of more concern, many point out that sex robot can lead to ethical and social aspects of hidden trouble. As sex robots are designed to meet the psychological needs of humans and become more realistic. I am afraid that even if they know it is false, users will still be tempted. Do you still believe in love when you’re talking to a sex robot? Can you still have normal contact and communication with the opposite sex? If you’re in a relationship (marriage), is sleeping with a sex robot cheating? If you have a sex robot in your home, will it affect your relationship and even make you feel lonely and insecure if you end up with your own sex robot? According to the survey, 80 percent of men said it would not, and 40 percent of women said it would.So sex dolls are still popular with men.

Real sex robots, looking like real people, can communicate with people
Simulate future sex robots

The future of sex robots

The report says the sex tech market is huge, about $30 billion.However, as we have learned from the media, the current sex robots are more oriented towards male users, which has led to a lot of “female threat” theories. However, the sex robots should avoid becoming notorious for their personality bias and pay equal attention to the needs of female users in the futureIf sex robots want to be popular, they will have to overcome the challenges of AI technology and body parts to create interesting and physically rich interactive experiences.At this stage, robots from films like westworld and artificial intelligence may appear in people’s eyes in the near future.If you were faced with a human-like sex robot, would you marry her and have children?

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