When is the right time for intimacy and what to do after rejection

There are the following behaviors between lovers that can further develop the relationship: 1. Go to a man’s home alone: women are alert to general men and will not go to his home alone to play at will. When a woman comes to your house to play, she’s reassured. So be sure to keep a gentlemanly demeanor and avoid her suspicion of you again. 2. Don’t mind indirect kissing: eat with the same spoon as men. Many women kiss indirectly from physiology and disliked men. So when a woman asks, “can I have a taste?” without incident, it means that she likes you. 3. The number of physical contact increased. 4. Call for a long time in the middle of the night.

Some behaviors between partners are very intimate, and sexual life is an essential activity. What should we do when we want to be intimate? No matter in love or marriage, men and women will have different sexual desires. When you are in high spirits, but the other party doesn’t necessarily cooperate, at this time, you naturally feel that you have no light, and you feel that you have been hit hard. What should you do?

1. Blush, but don’t panic: calm down and calm down again. When the embarrassment suddenly appears, the instant blush is inevitable, but it must not panic. That will not help, but it will make others feel weak.

2. Don’t explain easily: the earlier you admit your fault, the more misunderstood it will be.

3. Dare to laugh at yourself: since the embarrassing situation is inevitable, we should have enough courage to face the reality, or even directly challenge the embarrassment.

4. Pretend to be stupid and put the visible predicament in the invisible ignorance: Although we are not really going to be fools, what’s the disadvantage of using some special methods to get rid of the danger and difficulties in special times? If it’s too hard for you, try a sex doll´╝îIt’s also very good.

5. Evacuate the scene quickly: it can’t be avoided. If you don’t have the courage and ability to deal with the embarrassment, your best choice is to leave the scene quickly, as soon as possible. For those who are naturally timid but extremely sensitive, it’s a wonderful skill to foresee the possibility of embarrassment ahead of time or to leave as soon as the embarrassment situation shows a slight sign.

6. Turn disadvantages into advantages: advantages and disadvantages are always relative. As long as key points are found, turning disadvantages into advantages is not impossible.

Intimacy is not always possible between partners. It’s easy to be rejected by the other party. If the other party refuses your intimacy behavior, don’t be angry blindly. If you really care about the other party, you should consider the sexual psychology of the other party, or other reasons for not wanting to be intimate, and use appropriate ways to solve the embarrassment. That’s the expedient.