When do women most crave sex?

Now women’s views on sex are much more open than before. Women are also eager to have sex. When is the time women are most eager to have sex?

1. before and after ovulation

The view that women increase sexual desire and sexual life frequency during ovulation is more in line with everyone’s intuition. Research shows that in the first few days of ovulation, women’s sexual expectations (for women with partners) and loneliness (for single women) are longer than usual; that is, when women are in the pre ovulation stage, the sexual desire is the strongest, and they are most eager for the life of both sexes. At this time, if partner offer invitations, they don’t need to do anything special can reach an agreement.

2. High working pressure

It seems that work pressure has nothing to do with gender life, but in today’s society, it has a lot to do with it. At present, women are enterprising, but after all, Compared with men, they can bear less pressure. Especially those female employees with high salary in the city are extremely depressed because of the high pressure of work. At this time, they eager for men’s care and company, and some women are also eager to relieve the pressure through a sexual relationship.

3. Separation from partners

Although apart long distance produces beauty, a long separation will only make the feelings of both sides of the relationship more and more weak. Especially for women, their inner feelings are delicate and sensitive. A long separation from their partners will not only make them think nonsense, but also lead to loneliness and emptiness. At this time, the woman will often get to the top of her head and feel that when she needs her husband, the other side is not around. So the affair happened. Some women will accept the attentions of the men around them, while some women with sense will look for the emotional express objects.

4.After thirty

As the saying goes, women between 30 and 40 are eager to have sex. It’s common sense for modern people that middle-aged women have strong sexual desire. Disturbed by physiological factors, women enter their thirties, the male hormone secretion is exuberant, resulting in their desire is also exuberant. Women at this stage can’t afford to be teased, and they always have the idea of “I want to love” in their mind from time to time, so women at this stage are men’s favorite, so why do you say that the charm of mature women is infinite? Part of the reason is that mature women are eager for sexual life.

Although people’s openness to sex has greatly increased now, it should be moderate. Beyond this level is too openness, so how to grasp this level is something people need to consider now.