What’s the best material for realistic sex doll skin

Despite the increasing popularity of sex dolls and the increasing popularity of sex robots, we still haven’t found a way to fully replicate the texture of human skin while still supporting heat and strength. Most sex dolls today are made of TPE, which is a thermoplastic elastomer made of a mixture of silicon and polyvinyl chloride. Since the invention of sex dolls, TPE sex doll has become the most suitable raw material at present, because it is more real, more affordable, flexible, flexible and recyclable. However, it is not perfect. Compared to silicone, its heat resistance is not good enough. You need to carefully consider whether to let your baby take a hot bath.

Once sex robots are put on the market, can the advantages of tpe be maintained? In order to meet the bionic standards of sexual robots, simulate emotions. Need to consider the movement and position of the eyes, and that skin material can move smoothly with the robot function.

Regarding the new material of the skin, realism is an eternal topic. A material called rubber looks soft and elastic, and it is actually a formula that can be called TPE.

Although the simulation of the skin is an important reference step for making realistic sex dolls, considering that customers usually repair the products themselves, no matter it is the popular silicone or TPE, they can realize the maintenance work at home by users.