What should I pay attention to when bathing silicone dolls?

Combining multiple practical experiences, the suggestions and conclusions reached are as follows:

If the conditions of your family allow, we can give the baby a thoughtful bubble bath. It is recommended that the water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius, which is the same as the temperature of the bath. The length of time depends on the mood of the officer. !! Of course, you can also take a bath with your beloved baby, drink red wine with her, talk about your ideas, think about your beautiful future, and think about what a wonderful and pleasant picture.

Of course, some do not need to worry about whether the makeup of the doll will be spent in water because the combination of ink and oven and other dual technologies and materials have achieved long-term stability of the makeup of the doll. However, if you put her makeup on yourself, you will take off your makeup and suggest that the plastic bag be put on.
If you don’t want to trouble bathing in the bathtub, you can also prepare a stool, shower the sex doll directly, and then dry it with a towel. Don’t think it’s done, don’t forget that there is one last step, that is for the baby Let’s smear the fresh powder.

Another small trick is that if your doll is not very dirty, and you don’t want to move just after exercising, then use the delivered vaginal irrigator and rinse it 3 to 5 times repeatedly until you flush the traces of love Clean, then press the baby’s belly, and then use a towel to dry the water droplets elsewhere. If you have a vagina, use a small towel or a disposable cleansing towel. The absorbent is fine. Go to the doll’s lower body and wipe it several times repeatedly. After finishing all the operations, apply the powder on the buttocks to finish.

Note: When flushing, prepare an empty basin and suspend the doll’s butt so that you won’t get water everywhere when flushing!

PS Personal suggestion: (It is best to prepare a chair with wheels, it is more convenient to enter and exit, and it is also easy to hug it back and forth.) Because bathing a sex doll is physical work, but when your hands touch her smooth and delicate When it comes to skin, it is an unspeakable accidental enjoyment. When you look at a baby you just washed out and present it on your hands, your mood will be particularly beautiful. Sex dolls lie beside you and accompany you into beautiful dreams. In the morning when you wake up, you will feel extra happy and beautiful. You know that the new day starts with a good mood.