What sex robot companions mean to us

Intelligent robots that bring pleasure to human beings will soon become a reality. There are already mechanical toys designed to provide sexual pleasure for users, and machine developers are trying to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. Although AI sex dolls and sex robots look very different, they are similar in nature, positioning themselves as human “friends”.

At the same time, True Companion, an American, designed a new generation of sex robots that could communicate. But the biggest worry is: will they destroy real human relationships by being so realistic and talking? Parents worry that if their children are obsessed with a talking barbie, they won’t want to talk to real people Women worry: will this life-like, real doll take their place in their husbands’ hearts?

But the topic of sex dolls robots itself is controversial and needs to be hotly debated. Like it or not, we’re moving toward the age of robots. For example, to make sure the robot is safe, there must be no plugins, the physical appearance must meet the legal age (over 18), and only adults over 18 can use the sex robot.

love doll

We need to talk about what robot companions mean to us and consider how to integrate them with humanity instead of criticizing them. Richardson and Billings’ anti-sex robot movement feels more like an anti-porn team, berating products that don’t want to think about how to correct misguided culture. Instead of demonizing the future we don’t know, find ways to propose regulations for the coming industry that will make both robots and humans safe.