The worry of sex robots

It is not difficult for us to learn from many sci-fi films today that the threat of robots to human beings is mainly in terms of legal ethics and security.

As robots become more popular in human society, our dependence on them will gradually increase. The more humans value the value of robots for social development, the greater this dependence will be. And it is likely to bring humanity into ethics, personal and information security in the future.

Learn about sex robots to govern and ban them. First of all, it is difficult to define whether a robot is a robotic sex doll or just a sexy robot. Just because the definition of attractiveness of sex robots is still too sloppy.

Compared to these, the definition of child sex robots and legal regulations are much easier. They are legally bound like child pornography.

If there is a legitimate robot in the future, the sex robot brothel must be allowed to exist as well as the current life-size sex doll brothel. In 2018, the Houston City Council issued a decree prohibiting the operation of the first so-called robot “brothel” in the United States, making headlines. At a community meeting, one participant warned: “This business will ruin the housing, family and financial situation of our neighbors and cause massive community disturbances in the city.”

Although there are threats, the assumption of sex robots may be realized in the near future, and it will be a new challenge for human beings in the real world.