TIPs for TPE sex doll care

How to deal with the TPE sex doll oil:

Different materials, different dolls in the doll factory release oil differently.
Generally, dolls are shipped with talcum powder. Different manufacturers bring different powders. The discerning baby master can buy the Austrian self. Anyway, the house buys baby talcum powder and does not contain talcum powder. It is best to use a puff, and a sponge or the like can be substituted. The sex doll’s wig is generally normal, and the steel toothed comb delivered by the manufacturer is anti-static.

How to remove the stain:
The usual usage is to apply oil and then wrap the cling film. Or you can try medical mineral spirits. In addition, dark clothes must not be worn, even if the quality of the clothes should be washed a few times and then carefully worn, because the general clothes will fade, the dolls will be oily and the like will also stain the pigment.

How to move the life-size sex doll safely:

The real doll head and the body are generally separated, and different manufacturers have different connection methods, and there are also integrated dolls.
To move or put the doll in a different position, first understand the range of activities of your doll skeleton. Here we will introduce the range of the skeleton of the general TPE doll.