What do you think about transgender dolls

As early as 2017, the actual first transgender sex doll was launched. 2% -6% of boys and 5% -12% of girls in the world do not agree with their natural biological gender, showing different gender characteristics from their biological gender. Their gender identity is different from social expectations.

The real doll is based on the story of trans girl Jazz Jennings. The purpose of the toy maker is to hope for a hero who can promote social reform, and she happens to be a brave, smart, warm and creative person.

More and more people are beginning to fight for trans-gender rights, and even silicone love dolls for adult products have appeared as a gender-convertible image. However, this is not an easy thing for parents who buy dolls. Some parents said that about transgender dolls, can children understand the dolls? I find it difficult to explain to a young child, they can’t understand it, it is suitable for some older children. I’m not against transgender, but I won’t give it to my kids, they don’t have enough life experience to understand this, it’s a little too early.

It was also said that the doll looks male or female it does not matter, it is important that they actually looked like.