Daily maintenance supplies for physical dolls

  1. Shower gels are generally used by babies. Johnson and Johnson are beautiful, neutral and delicious.
  2. The cleaner can be reused, one for each part, and can be used alternately if you don’t mind.
  3. Talcum powder, you can smell the smell, like that to come, the taste of the talcum powder on the sex doll will be more than anything else.
  4. Towels, choose the ones that don’t lint, and the one with a strong water absorption is very useful.
  5. Make-up cotton, also called makeup remover, will put pictures in a while, one by one, mainly used with olive oil, can wash the dirty things that can not be washed off locally, can also be used to remove slight staining.
  6. Olive oil is simple, it doesn’t need to be very expensive, it is very wasteful for general maintenance, it may be lazy, dirty things are washed by this, and makeup is also used.
  7. Cosmetics, this mainly depends on the taste, personally like the refreshing type, the taste is too heavy to stand, you can smell it when you buy it.
  8. Small watering can, small, mainly used for wig care, wig is not smooth, put a mixture of conditioner and water in it, usually only tie hair, you can use water directly.
  9. Lubricants, condoms, these are commonly used, depending on personal preference, but a female condom is recommended, and the condom is thrown away without cleaning after use.
  10. Fu Yanjie, buy one at will, as long as it doesn’t expire. Don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, don’t use alcohol, say important things three times. Don’t use it easily, the body is enough with body wash, genital and anal mouth.
  11. False nails and nail removal towels. Students who like them can ask the manufacturer or buy them by themselves. Basically they can be used. Disassembly and installation are technical tasks. Depending on how it fits, there are fake nails that have been painted directly, and others that need to be transparent.
  12. Nail polish. When using nail gel, use a little less, find a toothpick and dip it. Don’t pour it straight up. It is recommended to find the shop to directly repair the video. The first is to take care of it, the second one is fine, and the glue is done as soon as you get it. Third, try not to send it back because shipping is expensive. Unless you can’t do it yourself.