What clothes are sexier with erotic lingerie

The use of erotic lingerie during husband and wife intercourse can increase the passion of husband and wife and make husband and wife intercourse to a higher level. Today I want to share with you what sexy lingerie is sexier with clothes, let’s take a look below.

Lined jeans

When wearing jeans, it is best to wear underwear with a soft and comfortable texture instead of wearing pants. However, if you really think that the thighs are too thick, you can choose long-legged light-pressing pants.

Matching set

The design of business wear and suits mostly focuses on the chest and waistlines, so you should wear a full-length corset or a high-side rib corset with long-length beam pants. A three-dimensional cropped trousers tighten and modify excess cellulite on the waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Wearing a pair of trousers or a full-body corset can make the curve exquisite, highlight the beautiful body of a woman, and make the wearer more confident in the figure and more elegant.

Pair with open collar clothes

Most of this clothing is a tight design, highlighting beautiful lines and charming cleavage. More plump people can use a side-padded bra, and those with thin chests must choose a strong upward pull with a cushioned pattern below. Because at this time you need to raise the breast height, not just deepen the cleavage. People with small breasts can only push up to show the curvature of the breast. At the same time, be careful not to expose the shoulder strap. Use a three-quarter cup that does not expose the shoulder strap or a half cup that is strapless.

Lined with see-through

The importance of wearing underwear in erotic underwear is worthy of an adjective. Because this dress itself is on the “avant-garde” and “bad” wires. If you choose inappropriate lingerie, the result is disastrous. Generally speaking, the price of sexy lingerie at this time will never be inferior to that of outerwear, and it is required to be beautiful and delicate enough to be worn outside without hurting the weather. Another thing to pay attention to is the color, the unbalanced color will look vulgar and ugly. Choosing the same color matching can make sexy underwear and outerwear complement each other and have a sense of complete integration. Of course, the size of the cup cannot be ignored. If the cup is too small and the fat is protruding, that is a terrible thing, so be sure to choose the appropriate cup size.

With cheongsam

The thin cheongsam is close to the carcass and the curve is complete. Therefore, the choice of sexy lingerie can not be ignored. At this time, a self-cultivation full-body corset can show its charm. It can concentrate and lift the chest at the same time, tighten the fat on the abdomen and buttocks, and adjust all parts of the female body as a whole. If the chest height is not enough, you can consider choosing a pad style. It should be noted that the cheongsam is tall, and the panty feet should avoid flat feet. If you have a full-body, you can’t choose a style that is too tight, because the briefs on the buttocks are really unsightly. Wearing a cheongsam without a bra or half-length stockings with garters is a taboo for wearing a cheongsam. Few people can withstand this test.

Lined T-shirt

When wearing a T-shirt or knitted clothes, the lines of the breasts are particularly noticeable, so creating a natural chest line is especially important. A simple design with a seamless bust or full cup is best. Not only can it prevent the bust line from showing on the T-shirt, but it also can create a more rounded shape for both breasts.

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