Would you dress a real doll?

Dressing a real doll is not the same as dressing us normally. Would you dress a real doll?

Is the so-called clothes, even if the person is not so beautiful handsome, but put on the appropriate clothes will add a bit of charm, not to mention how beautiful how to plan out of the high simulation of the real doll

No matter what clothes are beautiful, and different styles will wear different figures and feel out.


But what kind of clothes to wear to the real doll and how to wear it is elegant, to pay attention to the problem:

1, before wearing clothes, the body of the real doll will be hit on hand powder, so that the skin will be more lubrication, convenient to wear.

2, do not give the doll wear faded clothes, because of the silicone oil, once the color will be dyed into the color is not washed out, so good to wear white, light pink or flesh color. This is very important, the physical doll most afraid of dyeing.

3, too tight, long sleeve, the clothes are not suitable for the entity doll to wear, not easy to put on, but also easy to wear the skin of the entity doll, do not recommend to buy.

4, the plan that the dress edge Angle is sharper the dress that decorates perhaps also do not want to wear, still have for example brooch, the earring ring with sharp sharp or otherwise do not wear, have the risk of lacerating entity doll.


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