What body sensitive points can help men and women make perfect sex

Some people respond that it’s always difficult to passion a woman’s desire in sex. After arousing her desire, their sexual desire has fallen. In fact, as long as we find the sensitive points of women, and then slowly start flirting, we can stimulate her sexual desire at a high speed.Can also improve the quality of sexual life So what should we do?

Kiss her face, eyes, mouth, nose and ears

Women like to kiss. Try changing the intensity (softer at first, warmer then softer). After kissing her lips, kiss her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck and earlobes. If you don’t let your hands “wander” for a few minutes during a kiss (focusing on the kiss) and you’re waiting for her to send a ready signal, the effect is even better. Appropriate use of sex toy and sex doll can also ignite sexual desire.

Playing with her hair

Have you ever noticed that many women like to play with their hair? They do it because it makes them feel good, and probably she wants you to play with it, too. The scalp is very sensitive to stimulation, and she may not expect you to visit here at all, so this move will definitely surprise her. Combing her hair can give her a very emotional experience. You can also kiss her with your fingers through her hair, or just rub her scalp with your hands. Washing her hair or blowing it dry (regardless of the hair style, you can never make her satisfied), are all good ways to enhance her feeling.

Rub her breasts

Breasts are the sexy areas most men are familiar with, so you’re not likely to ignore them. The mistake you’re more likely to make is toying with them too much (or too much) before she’s ready. Too much stimulation may cause numbness or pain in the breast during a certain period of the menstrual cycle. Try the “less and more refined” approach: gently touch her breasts, apply women’s pleasure enhancer to her breasts, and then move your hands away, leaving time for her to move. Remember, the whole breast is covered with nerve endings, so you can make the nipple stand up by stimulating parts outside the nipple.

Massage her waist

If you let her lie on the bed (or you) and massage her back waist, it will bring her unexpected happiness. It also has a lot of nerve endings, and it’s the part that bears a lot of pressure, which can make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Not only that, but it also helps sexual arousal. Because massage promotes blood circulation and pelvic congestion. At the beginning, use your fingertips to press steadily and moderately. If she likes it, she can add some strength. Kissing this part is also a good way.

Open up new areas

This is where you can innovate. Gently kiss the socket of her knee, the inside of her arms, the inside of her thighs, or the socket of her neck. Women like to let you touch, kiss, lick or blow these parts. How sexy it is to lick the inside of your arm with your tongue. This is a wonderful feeling only in novels. And once you focus on these areas, the pace of things will relax – which is also very helpful to her.

Knead her hips

Many women also like men paying attention to this area – perhaps more than you think. For this part, you can work harder, without having to be as careful with your breasts. You can knead or press. A stroke from the back of the back to the hips will achieve better results.