Under what circumstances do men feel lonely?

The topic of man’s cheating has always been a problem that the society attaches great importance to, and with the development of the times, more and more men are easy to cheat. But what are the causes of their infidelity? The following reasons tell you the answer.

1、 Sexual life is not harmonious: as we know sex is as important as eating. If the couple’s long-term sexual life is not harmonious, then the marriage life is not perfect and happy. Sometimes men think they are right and always like to put the blame on women. Blame the wife does not know how to innovate, also blame the wife is not good to do a woman’s duty, the fault is all in the woman. It’s certainly macho. Both men and women are responsible for disharmonious sex. Men can’t just solve problems and enjoy, but not explore interests and fun. But both men and women can use sex toy to ease their sexual discord.

2、 Too much work pressure: there are many “modern diseases” in modern society, with high work pressure and tense life rhythm. It’s easy for a man to bring his work mood to his home. As a result, when he goes to bed, he is still thinking about his work. Naturally, he can’t lift his spirits, let alone sleep well. Most modern women have their own career, and their self-esteem and self-confidence are also pushed to the extreme by work. They often work hard, and they are exhausted when they come home. At this time, men and women are most likely to have conflicts, and their emotions will be more grumpy than usual. Sexual life, sometimes has become a good medicine for stress relief, many women have not been able to make good use of it.

3、 Just because it’s too lonely: some couples are separated from each other because they don’t have normal sexual life. Because of their work, in order to earn money, men have to face the difficulties no matter how hard they are. Women should pay attention to their husband’s behavior at this time. For men who often have social intercourse on business trips, they are far away from home and have sexual needs at the same time. Men work hard outside, so they often eat, drink and have fun. Some men choose to cheat. In fact, if a man is really lonely, he can try to choose a sex doll to eliminate loneliness.

4、 Lack of understanding and care: most men, because of the social role, are sometimes more reluctant to say their own pain and pressure, but often buried in their hearts. At this time, men need more understanding and care. And women also have their own families, and there are a lot of things at home. It is inevitable that there is an oversight. However, there are too many trivial matters in daily life, and they always look at one thing and lose the other. Every day, each other’s computers, televisions and telephones make life completely monotonous and gorgeous. In fact, it’s OK to enjoy a high-quality life, but it’s better not to become a slave of a high-quality life. It’s suggested that the couple often turn off the power, live a life without plug-in, go out and play, and then return to the era of love. In addition to solving the physical needs of men, sex doll can also pacify their hearts

5、 Ideological differences: men and women are different, especially the ideological concept is particularly obvious. Men and women’s economic outlook, world outlook and outlook on life, after marriage, often with the passage of time, gradually open the distance, men’s ideological concept will change dramatically, while women tend to step on the spot, crawl, so many problems come. The distance can be, but it must not be too open, otherwise, the relationship between husband and wife will be estranged and generation gap with the passage of time, so the women who are still thinking must strive to keep pace with the times

6、 Work entertainment needs: men can’t work without meals, and work entertainment is essential. Of course, they also have their own circle of friends. In order to work and get the trust of each other, they have to do something ugly, so men are very strange animals. Sometimes they really have no way but to open their eyes and close their eyes, because too much calculation will hurt themselves.

7、 Miss the past youth: don’t think that men really love the young women around them. In fact, men just want to find the shadow of youth and good memories. Sometimes men are very simple, often need a feeling, follow the feeling, and they will lose themselves accidentally. But don’t worry. One day, when a man finds that he is not good enough, he learns to reflect.

The above is a summary of the ten reasons why men cheat, most of which are caused by pressure, so as a wife, we should give more care and understanding at this time, and we should not be too strong for our own use, small women are what most men like. Only in this way can a man feel warm and not easily cheat!