To the girls: masturbation innocence

Some time ago, I just saw a question on Zhihu called: How do girls masturbate elegantly?

Out of curiosity for the majority of women, Xiaole opened up and found that in fact, most of the girls were telling their embarrassing masturbation experiences.

It’s a pity that in fact, there aren’t many people with good experience to ask questions. Fortunately, masturbation can finally be brought to the table for a serious discussion.

I used to know on Baidu that I was sad when I saw a girl. I accidentally saw an erotic movie and learned to masturbate. Will I be a bad girl? Am I still a virgin? Will anyone still love me?

In this country where sex education is extremely lacking, most people will be told when their love starts and they should be sexually enlightened: children, do n’t enter the restricted area, where it is dangerous, and do n’t try before getting married.

Even the parents’ avoidance of conversation has led adolescents to strive for sexual knowledge, and curiosity drives their sex education from Aoi, Japan, on hard disks and CD-ROMs.

However, is masturbation really difficult to tell?

I often see an interesting question that appears among boys: What should you do when you are bumped into by your mom or dad while you are masturbating?

I believe that after such a thing happened in reality, parents were called to scold or ignore it a lot; but to make a long talk and be told how to do it is safer.

In fact, sex itself is not trivial and dirty. Because of the existence of sex, only reproduction and reproduction, and the love and hatred, can occur.

Sex is not a primitive sin, it is the most primitive desire in our hearts, and it should be sought and loved.

Therefore, masturbation is not a flood beast, let alone make you a bad girl.

On the contrary, moderate and correct masturbation can actually keep your hormones secreted at normal levels and make you more feminine.

Of course, all of this should be built on a modest basis.

Modern Western medicine has recognized that masturbation is a positive factor that promotes sexual development. It usually increases physical comfort and blends sexual pleasure and sexual fantasy content. It strengthens the notion that women should have: women’s sexual response is normal, natural, and enjoyable.

And the method of masturbation is not only limited to being completed by hand, but also a variety of sex toys, which can satisfy the dual pleasures of fantasy and reality.

Maybe, the sex toys you imagine are still a shy stick; but after reading this article, you will definitely be subverted by them!

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