Long Term Storage for TPE – Dos and Dont’s

Usually, the lifelike sex dolls only take up space at home, so if you want to box it and put it in the attic, maybe you will use it one day, but if you want to store it well, you need to pay attention to its matters.

  1. Seal it in an airtight bag or let it breathe?
  2. Whether to put it back in the factory box or other things to consider?
  3. Is the temperature in the loft high? Is this a problem?

Because realistic sex dolls made of TPE or silicone are thermoplastic materials, and heat is very unfavorable to thermoplastics, so the attic will become a problem. It would be better if you had a basement. If you have a basement, moisture is also susceptible to mold. Therefore, it is best to use plastic bags and desiccants. If she is a standing model, she can stand up.

You must have heard a lot of storage suggestions or articles saying that dolls cannot sit and stand for long. I can lie flat even if I keep lying down. The only way to deal with this problem is suspension. But you have to make sure there is enough space for hanging.

Another way is to lie flat and cushion pillows around the real doll‘s waist to reduce long-term stress on the buttocks. This is also a practical, effective and labor-saving method.