This sex toy helps you solve the problem of remote sex

If the lovers are separated from each other, they will not be able to maintain their feelings. So the sex toy manufacturer made a sex toy and provided a sex solution for the lovers.

According to the report, this sex toy uses a remote sex system that simulates real sex making behavior. The toy utilizes an artificial penis and cannula, allowing lovers to communicate physiological sensations through the network. The toy responds to the touch, and if one stimulates the artificial penis or inserts, another person can feel the pressure in the cannula.

The study found that married people with regular sex are more satisfied with each other’s feelings, and because they are in different regions, the frequency of sexual life between lovers is far less. It is easier to feel depressed, unhappy and inferior when there is no sex between partners.

Although off-site love makes sex difficult, it has other benefits as well. According to a report published in the 2013 Journal of Communication, off-site lovers confide in more private information and are more ideal about each other.

This sex toy provides a way for these lovers to contact, and the connection is no longer limited to web chat, text messaging or video chat, and it is especially suitable for those who have not seen the military for a long time.

The future development of sex toys has already begun to emerge. Current sex devices include Bluetooth-compatible, remotely controlled clitoral stimulators that allow off-site partners to experience sex through the web.

┬áThis sex toy system is the most advanced remote sex system, but it is not the first to appear. The continuous development of remote sex systems has attracted many technology developers into the sex toy market. At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2014, LELO’s female oral sex vibrator was nominated for the best product design.

According to MarketWatch’s 2015 report, the market for sex products will reach $52 billion by 2020. Although some people are worried about the privacy issue after sex, for the long-distance relationship, this solves the problem that they can’t contact in different places.