The sex world is developing, the first male sex doll brothel opens

The sex world is evolving, as is the market for toys and robots for entertainment. The use of artificial intelligence in sex toys is becoming increasingly popular. From high-end sex robots to life-size sex dolls, the industry can offer a lot.

With the emergence of various sex consumers, the demand for male dolls has steadily increased. The first male sex doll brothel opened in Japan this year.

And male sex dolls are developing slowly and their functions need to be improved, at this stage, not only are the prices high, but no female dolls are more realistic. The sex doll industry is proposing ultra-modern technologies to occupy markets and methods. Whether it is a male doll or a female doll, or a realistic doll that can change gender, will it cause anxiety to this society?

The existence of sex dolls in reality has been a controversial topic for quite some time. In a sense, it does provide a way for people to prevent them from showing fantasies about real people, but it also promotes any wild fantasies that they might border with problematic behavior.Several of these dolls can promote racial fetishism, objectification, bloodthirsty, etc.