how to choose clothes and deal with the unfit clothes for your sex doll

have you ever bought the unfit clothes or lingerie for your sex doll?if you want to change her style,you can keep going.the man genarally feel embarrassed when they go shopping in the famale store,they perfer to take advantages of online shopping,while the clothes they purchase are usually too small or too big,and they can not get refund because of missing the last return date or cut out the tags.if return bacame a hassle for you,you should know some tips to buy clothes before you add them to the are some tips:

1、the life size sex doll won’t sag like the natural woman,for the common size breast,it is unnecessary to dress extra bras in,if you have super busty doll,the bras can help to delay the process of pendulous .

2、get a accurate measurements for your sex doll,the size mark for clothes it not the unified standard,the same S size clothes are probably have different please take your doll’s body as the first consideration,compared the clothes sizing chart,finding the closest size foe sex doll,slightly big size will be the best.

3、cloth materials,we have repeatedly asked for fade clothes,you have to know it will cause much trouble if the sex doll dyed from colored items.

and do you know how to deal with the unfit clothes for your sex dolls,let me tell you today.

1、post and sale or exchange it on second hand site.

2、Trim and sew it to the proper size,you must have the gifts of the tailor.

if you have any problems you can contact us and get them solved.