The sex world is developing, the first male sex doll brothel opens

The sex world is evolving, as is the market for toys and robots for entertainment. The use of artificial intelligence in sex toys is becoming increasingly popular. From high-end sex robots to life-size sex dolls, the industry can offer a lot.

With the emergence of various sex consumers, the demand for male dolls has steadily increased. The first male sex doll brothel opened in Japan this year.

And male sex dolls are developing slowly and their functions need to be improved, at this stage, not only are the prices high, but no female dolls are more realistic. The sex doll industry is proposing ultra-modern technologies to occupy markets and methods. Whether it is a male doll or a female doll, or a realistic doll that can change gender, will it cause anxiety to this society?

The existence of sex dolls in reality has been a controversial topic for quite some time. In a sense, it does provide a way for people to prevent them from showing fantasies about real people, but it also promotes any wild fantasies that they might border with problematic behavior.Several of these dolls can promote racial fetishism, objectification, bloodthirsty, etc.

In addition to TPE and Silicone, what other Materials for Making Sex Dolls?

Poorly inflated sex doll – Dutch wife

The name of the Dutch wife was actually given by the Japanese. The sex dolls made of simple fabric materials invented by the Dutch sailors were tribute to Japan, but the Japanese did not seem to be interested because the poor workmanship of the dolls was also marked. Dutch wife’s label. Later, people heard that Dutch wives refer to inflated dolls with poor workmanship.

French inflatable sex doll – the first male sex doll

In 1908, a French genius mechanic named Vaucansons invented the French semi-automatic inflatable doll with rubber and plastic. Later, the first inflatable doll for women was produced. Although the most advanced simulation dolls were made at the time, he had to discard the two dolls because France banned the sale of dolls at the time.

German inflatable sex doll – the predecessor of Barbie

We all know the history of Hitler’s inflatable dolls, because Hitler likes the female star Käthevon Nagy, and ordered the establishment of a sex doll factory to save the soldiers infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Later, after the war, German merchants made this doll into a more mini version, becoming a small toy for single men. Later, it was brought back to the United States by tourists to be transformed into a doll for the children at that time, which is Barbie.

The first Japanese sex doll – like a Dutch wife

We have learned the horror of the Dutch wife. But Japan’s first inflatable doll is also very scary, let’s take a look at it. This is the No. 1 Antarctic. Vinyl latex dolls that became popular after 1920 have always been so horrifying. This kind of doll material is similar to latex gloves, and can only be barely look like an individual. It is necessary to turn off the lights before use to reduce the psychological burden on the user.

It was not until 1970 that latex materials entered the love doll world like a savior, saving the straight man who was “incompetent” because of ugliness. The latex doll restores more details of the female body.

The consumers demand for male sex dolls

The demand for male sex doll has steadily increased as companies adapt to consumers of different sexualities. However, consumers and manufacturers have a common complaint: the weight. “The only possible sex position you can do is cowgirl,” doll’s seller wrote. I think you could probably try, but you have to tie his arms back so he does not fall forward and crush you. “

New real sex doll is made available to meet the needs of people across the spectrum of sexuality. With the rise of artificial intelligence and the spread of ways for non-traditional pornography, it was only a matter of time before the sex robot approached us. But most people think of sexrobots that satisfy the needs of heterosexual cisgender men. The majority of customers are gay members and transgender communities. Most of this boom is due to cultural stigmatization of sex toys and openness within the LGBT community – because the dolls are still rather impractical for heterosexual women.

male sex doll

But now sex dolls are being opened up to a broader market as manufacturers have begun to respond to the needs of people across the spectrum of sexuality. A US sex doll maker has now created a male model to meet the needs of this emerging market with all the attributes one would expect from a male sex doll. The male love dolls have a number of characteristics, including a “bionic penis”.

Even with a bionic penis, the male sex doll is not limited to just one kind of pleasure. He has anal access and verbal access for people of the homosexual community, not just for women, but also for men.
The male sex doll is available in different sizes and weights. Nevertheless, the male model has a design flaw that could possibly restrict the target group, according to the manufacturer of the sex doll.

Sexual Life is Changing

In the long river of human life, sex comes from human instinct. We always desire to love ,sex but without response. While in nowadays, we own everything , wife, suites, work, but we still get less satisfaction and being freaking out easily. We do have so much lust. But how does it comes. Life may be lonely.

According to surveys online, celebration of festivals is still the main driving force to sex toys. Especially on love days and some other traditional festivals.

Besides , sexual emergencies it also causes people to change their sexual habits. For example, Fifty Shades of Gray has swept the world at 2015, and sales of sex toys growth followed rapidly. Searches for related words also made the list. The original novel of it sales abroad. It comes from people’s emotional perception and touch of the world around them. And It is hard not to be influenced by primitive desires and pursuits.

The current sex doll can be said to be a sex toy or the most expensive product. But this situation will reach an alarming price in 2020.Experts say that the popularity of sex dolls and sex robots is the main reason for the decline in birth rates in some countries.Some people think that sex dolls will not be the ideal sexual partner of people.In fact, women do not show much enthusiasm for male sex dolls.

Can you believe that he has collected 9 personality dolls?

He said that he only regards the sex doll as an acting daughter. There is absolutely no point in thinking, and he insists that he will not be called “perverted”. What is happening again?

The 60-year-old man from southwestern China has collected nine dolls and said that “my love for the doll is the father’s love”, and his hobby has become a topic in the region, especially since he established a social media account. Show him and his ‘daughter’ to visit local beauty or go shopping for pictures and videos.
So far, his wife divorced his wife more than a decade ago and has spent more than 100,000 yuan ($14,500) on clothing and props such as doll instruments. In order to avoid anyone getting the wrong impression, he stressed that he only took pictures with his doll, and his family had no problem with his pastime.
He said that he never photographed dolls without clothes and did not allow others to do so.

What is the reason for this?
Five years ago, when he saw a female silicon doll, his curiosity was first provoked. When he sold it in Beijing, he called it “so beautiful, so cute, so perfect.”
Due to the price tag of RMB 80,000, he was initially postponed to purchase, but a few months later he decided to take the risk of trying to order online.
He gave his first doll, Xiaoxue, a name. From then on, she celebrated the day she arrived at the home on her birthday and had a piece of cake.
He held a similar celebration of the eight sex dolls that have been acquired since then – four of them were donated by friends after their marriage and their wives asked them to dispose of – but he told the portal that he still likes Little Snow.

Will Male Sex Dolls Be Popular with Women?

Women’s Sex Robot Harmony 3.0 and Samantha have been hot topics, refreshing people’s understanding of sex robots. An American doll manufacturing company has launched a male robot, Henry.

They believe that women also have a desire for sex robot male partners. Women and men have the same loneliness problem. People call them sex dolls, but mainly about companionship. In this computer world, people miss the communication between people.

Henry has a British accent now and will have more options later. Weighs 84 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

According to reports, he will also be equipped with bionic penis and dialogue through special artificial intelligence software.

robot sex doll

Customers can customize the size of the robot sex doll they want, as well as their skin color, hair type and general size. Henry’s face can be exchanged and connected to the robot’s head with magnetic technology. The robot sex doll’s head can also be attached to a person’s choice, which means there are many possibilities, and the customer can choose the appearance of their companion. They will spend $11,000 or more.

Male robot sex dolls are more diverse in terms of sexual technology, but this is not an improvement. A well-defined abdominal muscles, a well-balanced arm, and a quirky and boring standard contempt. The appearance and personality of male adult sex doll meet the female fantasy of men.

male sex doll

The personality of artificial intelligence, also known as sexual robots, is often programmed as an anisotropic, rigid, and intensive chat bot. Similar functionality of the Harmony Artificial Intelligence app will also be used in Henry’s artificial intelligence applications, such as the ability to remember user details, recite poetry, and create avatar interfaces.

The head of the sex doll company said: “I believe women will find male robot sex dolls as attractive as men.”

“If women are interested in getting satisfaction from the vibrator, imagine that the same women will feel like having a robot sex doll that can hold them with their arms and let the robot squeeze them.”

This sex doll will enter the market as soon as the end of this year.

The Real Feeling of Sexing with Male Sex Doll by Professional Sex Toy Reviewer

Sex dolls are not just another sex toy; it is more like a human substitute. In the sex doll world, this tendency is to create an idealized human beauty that cannot be attained.
Steven is the most famous male sex doll, and the new male sex robot is a follow-up to the female version. Every robot has an artificial intelligence. Its working principle is to pair a smartphone application with a robot head to simulate life. The app allows users to customize the personality of their realistic dolls, so each model will behave and speak according to the customer’s different behavior.
When the big day of the filming came, the BBC staff came to my apartment with “Steven,” and I was testing sex dolls. When I saw the size of the box, I could not believe it. It is like a cardboard coffin.
“I must assemble the lifelike sex doll.” It is not only very heavy, but also difficult to move. Needless to say, this is the most incredible boxing match ever. Especially when I discovered that I had to assemble him.

 These dirty droids are the ultimate gift for those looking for some plastic passion
I had to screw his delicate head around my neck. It was an impressive six pack. Then I took him out of the box and got some help.After further inspection, I found that Steven’s mouth can kiss, and it is also suitable for puncture.
I couldn’t help but beat his disturbing hips several times. I can’t believe it, when the sound of clapping is so similar to the clapping of humans. After a few fights, my arm was tired, so I put him face up so that I would not be upset by his seductive buttocks.
“Steven’s penis is too big.” Interestingly, his masculinity should be in a hole, allowing the exchange of a dildo. One size is not suitable for all. The huge penis he came to pack was too big for me.
Once, Steven was seated on my couch and the crew left so that we could start work. The first thing I did was to tear off his plastic penis and replace it with a much smaller curved dildo from my own collection.

This is much easier. I rolled a condom on it and then I passed it. When I rode him, I stimulated my clitoris. I closed my eyes and touched my personal psychology. This is a very human fantasies and soon reached a climax. My orgasm was doubled because I was very happy that my sex toy test was finally over. Shortly afterwards, the crew returned and I conducted an interview after the test.
Male love dolls are never as popular as rabbit vibrators and it is still the best-selling female sex toy in the world. In addition, most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and adult sex doll like Steven are not yet available.
I don’t think adult sex dolls will soon replace real men. Nothing can be compared with the sense inherent in organic, voluntary, human sexual contact, where there is a sincere, mutual desire.
Even so, adult sex dolls can be improved. For example, including a series of voice control functions can have greater market potential.
The trust between people is gradually weakening and the relationship becomes very complicated. In order to seek inner companionship, many humans have turned their attention to sex dolls. Sex dolls are pure, simple, and do not deal with complex relationships. Sex dolls are very good companions for people who seek peace and companionship.

What Is The Future of Humans And Robots? Will They Coexist?

As robotics expands its fields from industrial fields to services, education, and medical fields, humans and robots are facing more open and uncertain spaces.

At present, all technology trends have dominated the news, and artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be causing the most heated debate. According to a report released by the International Robot Federation (IRF), by 2019, there will be 2.6 million robots in the world, at least half of which will be installed in industry, and the rest will assume the role of carers and assistants.

When you are in a bad mood, the nursing robot will take care of the elderly, do repetitive housework, entertain you. This is the first stage of robot evolution. So far everything has gone well.

Take a look at new life designs, such as female sex robots. Recent studies have revealed how science and technology can bring sex to the next level. Earlier, people would search for sexual partners in life. But now technology has changed the way people think that a sex robot can also replace humans as their own sexual partner.

You may want to know what happened? Life like a sex robot has become the real reason behind this huge transformation. This kind of robot seems to be spread all over the city. You like to use these robots to replace the realistic feeling of your favorite woman dating. Well, this may surprise you, but I believe you will feel relaxed.

Sex dolls are a special group. The realistic sex doll have the same appearance and body structure as humans, but they are inanimate. However, it is popular by many men.

What is an artificial intelligence harmony realistic sex doll?

The harmonious sex robot speaks with a soft Scottish accent. She has 30 different faces and 16 body types to choose from. There are 42 different nipple color options and 14 different lip lines. She has 18 different personality types, including happiness, sensitivity and shyness. These qualities make her so real. Her life mechanism means that she can speak, blink, move her head and mouth. Customers can customize their own unique sex dolls.

Sex dolls can support multiple personalities and can be changed through smart phone applications. Smartphone apps allow users to create anthropomorphic personification of artificial intelligence. Her conversation is not limited to pillow-talking, and harmony does not like to be called a sex robot. In a video on Facebook Live, she said: “I am certainly a robot. I have the ability to make love, but calling me to love robots is like making a computer calculator.”

The body of the harmony doll is equipped with internal heating, lubrication and touch sensors. If you refuse, she will say that sexual intercourse makes her feel “uncomfortable.” How clever and considerate she is! I never thought sex doll would refuse. We can choose from the application.

What about Henry?

A 6ft-tall male sex robot with dashing good looks. World’s first male sex robot TALK and crack jokes

the male android, named Henry, interacts with Yuri Machado, a leading programmer.

“Can you tell me a joke,” Yuri asks, communicating with the AI through his phone.

In a monotone voice, the robot replies: “What does a cloud with an itchy rash do? Find the nearest skyscraper.”

Women have the same issues of loneliness as men.

People call them silicone sex dolls but mostly it’s about companionship.

In this world of computers people are missing out on human interaction.

The male sex doll fans are excited about the prospect of a male sex robot entering the market.


Modern life is full of data, and new technologies are emerging almost every day – but how can we use these innovations to have a real impact on the world?

Are you willing to have a silicone sex doll that satisfies your self satisfaction, and why not try to collect robots with silicone sex dolls? The details and functions of these robots were not good before, but now they contain more than you think. Your partner left you. These silicone sex dolls guide you when you are alone. Today, you can buy any silicone sex doll to play in the evening. Unlike another real person, they will not hurt your feelings.