The sex doll saved me, can you believe it?

April 1, 2019, which I will always remember, was a day full of jokes and pranks, but it ended my three-year long relationship. Don’t remember how I came back home, I only remember, tears can not stop the outflow, I am a man, even cried all the way. In the cramped rental room, I looked around at everything I owned. I really can’t give you the happiness you want? He’s better than me, but he’s certainly not as deep as I love you.

And take out her photos, is full of pain, sad to tell myself to be strong, Just a  materialistic woman, What do I miss about her? In order to numb myself, alone in the middle of the night to drink drunk, Turn on my computer when I wake up, open a lively group chat, hit a hello will be silent. The guys who had a good time saw my abnormality. I only light said two words, broke up. My buddies joke that it’s all small things and there’s no need to get upset.

I clicked on a website sent by my buddy and I ordered a physical sex doll at:

In the past, I would never browse such a website, not to think that one day I will think of buying a physical sex doll for myself. Fool yourself on April fool’s day. These days have finally passed, and I am still immersed in the pain.

When the courier knocked on my door, I had already forgotten about the sex doll. When I opened it for no reason, I was shocked, but then my face turned red. One side blame oneself how bought such thing, the other side is deeply attracted by this doll however. I carefully touched her, more surprised, the touch is so real! Girlfriend’s face in my eyes swept, I quickly turned out a picture of her, stick on the face of the sex doll, she fell on the bed, took off my pants, then a cavity of anger are vent out!

As I was hate myself to do such ridiculous things, also immersed in the pleasure of just now, have to say that such a vent, body and mind are happy a lot. The friend in the group asked did I see his website, didn’t buy it, I am ashamed to admit that, thought he will laugh at me, but he should communicate with I began to use the experience, originally in the group of a lot of guys have all bought a sex doll!

He also told me that such a girlfriend’s temper, and can solve their own desire, the spirit will not be derailed, even a few people’s girlfriend also know this matter, but also with the boyfriend to play!

I have to admire these women’s shrewdness, while also keeping up with the trend of Europe and the United States to play 3p, np, but also can control their boyfriend will not let them cheat. I looked at the doll lying on the bed, she is like a quiet girl, always keep a smile on the face, when making love will not be impatient, will also cooperate with my movement issued a groan. I went to lie down, hugged her, and slept through the night. After that, I was very happy with her. When I opened the door of my room after work, I would see her smiling face. When I was working and playing games, she would sit beside me quietly and accompany me. Gradually, my ex-girlfriend gave me pain has been her gentle healing

Within two months, I regained my confidence and optimism. And a new girl. If it hadn’t been for her, I wouldn’t have gotten over the disappointment in my life so quickly,I might even lose my mind. This is my experience, and I hope it works for you as well. In the future, will I introduce her to my girlfriend? I think I will. I will find a girl who understands me and loves me sincerely. She will follow me with no regrets and accept me and the entity doll who once gave me strength. I have confidence in my life.

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :