The most reasonable arrangement of perfect sexual life

Sex is not only a physical activity, but also an essential part of a harmonious sexual life for adults. Couples who have a good sexual life seldom have extremely depressed violent emotions. Sex is also a way for couples to increase their feelings. Sex can make people feel happier than money. Sexual life should pay attention to a healthy way, otherwise it will backfire. The schedule of living a perfect couple is recommended to you:

1. Do not work within 1 hour after sex.

Sex can inhibit the activity of brain logic area, speed up blood circulation of lower body, cause temporary cerebral ischemia, weaken logic ability and problem-solving ability, so rest for 1 hour after sex to deal with other things. Sex toys can also increase the quality of sex.

2. If you change your sexual partner frequently, you will shorten life time 4.7 years.

Changing a sexual partner can be harmful to heart health and blood pressure stability. A French study found that having multiple or frequent sex partners can accelerate aging and shorten life expectancy by 4.7 years. Sex dolls can also be regular sex partners.

3. 15 minutes after sex, the most effective communication.

If there is any misunderstanding between you, you need to apologize or explain, and do it after sex. The study found that 15 minutes after sex, men and women have the highest degree of recognition and tolerance for each other. Seize this opportunity to communicate with him or her, and many problems will be solved.

4. At 10 p.m., women are most likely to have sexual fantasies.

Experts from Harvard Medical School found that at about 10 p.m., women’s brain creative cells are most active. At this time, they are good at imagination, and most of the fantasy content is related to “sex” and “love”. Therefore, it’s better for a man to go to bed before 10 o’clock and share his passion with her.

5. It takes an average of six months from strangers to close contacts.

Love is a process of mutual understanding and exploration. If you are too eager to enjoy the fun of love, you will lose your passion if you are too slow. Psychologists have found that the average time between meeting and having sex is six months in a successful marriage. “Six months is not a long time. This progress can make your feelings and sex more harmonious.” The researchers said.

Before sex, forget about all the things that bother you, and then have sex. This will help women to combine too much strength into their own figure and exquisite thinking, so that orgasm is naturally easy to reach.