The manifestation of social value and the Gospel of involuntary celibacy-sex doll

Sex is a topic most people subconsciously avoid, and some even consider it shameful to talk about it publicly, but it is a normal human need. Conservative attitudes to sex often ignore the sexual needs of people who are involuntarily celibate. Involuntary celibacy refers to people who are unable to find a partner for a variety of involuntary reasons, such as temporarily single people, people who do not want to make close friends, or people who find it difficult to have a relationship with a real person, or people who are widowed in later life, disabled people and people with sexual disabilities. Sex robots can help them solve sexual problems and provide emotional support.

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As David levy, author of robots and sex, once pointed out, “I believe the emergence of sex robots is a great boon to society...Because millions of people have different reasons for not being able to have a good relationship.”The company of the sex robot can alleviate the loneliness of modern people, improve their communication and erotic ability, and enable them to better manage the relationship between people in real life. In addition, sex robots could also offer sexual therapy to people with sexual problems, making their sex lives more harmonious and promoting a more open attitude towards sex.

Nicholas Aujura, a behavioral therapist, believes that the popularity of sex robots could help reduce the rate of sexual assault and rape, as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and safer sexual experiences. What’s more, says futurologist Pearson, mature sex robots could become important members of the human family, helping couples bond with each other and build important emotional bonds. In 2017, the United States Realbotix CEO matt mike mullen, has developed a sex robot called “harmony”, it can chat with your family, tell jokes, and remember the name of each member of the family and food preferences, can also according to the different character of different setting, in order to increase the interaction between family members.

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However, there are also arguments against it: a robot without feelings faces a human with feelings. Once a human falls in love with a robot, he may become more indifferent to real life and pay more attention to communication with the robot. Just like the influence of smart phones on society, it makes communication more convenient, but it widens the distance between people’s hearts.

In the future, the sex robot industry will regard artificial intelligence as one of the important development directions and strive to make sex robots more emotional, humanized and intelligent. It’s hard to imagine how many more questions humans would be caught off guard if sex robots were truly more emotional and human. After all, today’s sex robots have left us struggling with ethical and legal issues. The media thinker McLuhan once said, “we shape the tools, and the tools shape us.”

Sex robots will inevitably become part of the future sex industry, and the arrival of technology will revolutionize the industry and affect human sexual culture. Whatever the future of sex robots, it’s important to remember that humans will always have the final say on the impact of technology.

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