The evolution of the real doll

All the backgrounds we just introduced make us the focus of realistic sex dolls. Call ita fantasy doll, a sex robot, and call it Bianca. The fact is that a new era of adult sex dolls has arrived and has been around for at least a decade. Ever since the original RealDoll was born more than a decade ago, surreal sex or companion dolls have been causing joy and controversy. We already familiar with this type of realistic adult sex doll. Bianca joined her in 2018; she is another Ultimate Fantasy Doll, which shocked us with an amazing sense of realism. We are not the only people impressed. The client quickly snapped up a surreal sex doll.

Sex is the basic natural need of human beings. We know this very well. After all, our business is to satisfy sexual desire with adult toys and tools. Is there a difference between a doll and a realistic beater, masturbation set or realistic vibrating dildo? The price is obviously, but if someone wants to pay more than $ 4,000, this can be defined as a very expensive masturbation, that would be great!

As for loneliness, it is very common in today’s society. This is just an unfortunate fact. Blaming social media, blaming us for relying on flashing words on the screen, rather than actually talking face to face, blaming our busy lives. The point is, loneliness sucks! A realistic adult doll could be a coping tool. It can temporarily comfort a spouse who has lost a loved one. If there is something waiting for you, it will be easier to go home to an empty house, isn’t it? Of course, for sexual reasons, this is why we have pets!

Security issues are easy to understand. Sexually transmitted diseases worry many of us who are sexually active, and it’s hard to feel 100% safe even if we take all precautions. With a doll, she certainly wouldn’t inadvertently pass something to you, or you would pass it to her-of course, if you don’t share her. Take Sunny’s trio as an example. A firm couple may want to have sex with another person, but the potential for sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy or emotional attachment may stop them. Sex dolls are also a solution.