sex dolls shops in paris and Barcelona are booming,while those in Hong Kong are being shut down

A number of such’‘silicone doll sex shops” have sprung up around the world in recent years,with supporters arguing that they objectify woman and a professor pointing out that a “deeply anti-human part of society is defining what it means to be human”.

what do you think of the sex dolls themselves?what about theses stores?

whould you go to one of these sex doll shops?

sex toy experience shops are springing up all over the world,but the price is experience and the customer flow is still objective.

the first sex toy expriment store in paris,which opened in fubruary,is call-ed x-dolls,which offers customers a choice of four sex dolls for 89 euros(700 yuan) an hour.these sex dolls have exaggerated breasts.

once the customer is chosen,the merchant will take the customer to the room where the address is kept secret for consumption,and they can also increase the price with virtual reality(VR).

experience of sex toys shop in spain,the earllier in March last year,was opended in Barcelona,the shop owner said customers mostly older uncle and lovers,the owner will try to meet the guest appearance requirements for dolls,but for the arrangement of rape game,smaller size to imitate the children look like doll,the store is rejected.

public opinion,sex toy experience shop existence is good or bad.

even as sex toy experience shops have popped up everywhere,the controversy has also grown.many shopkeepers and supporters believe that many customers who go to sex toy experience shops suffer from social dysfunction or need a way to long as they are under specific control,sex toy experience shops exist to provide warmth and even reduce crime rate.

however,opponents point out that sex toys are not generic stores but objectify women and make them tools for”virtual rape”.

professor at the university of sheffield’s noelsharkey,points out that through the dolls to reduce the crime rate,it is absolutely impossible,should not be allowed to import these dolls,dolls are on treating women,and many brothels,will introduce imitation children is like a doll,this will stimulate a pedophile crime,because the inflatable doll won’t fight,they will also the same behavior in children.

British DE montfort university robotics and artificial intelligence in the field of ethics and culture,a professor at Kathleen Richardson,also on the rise of such stores objected,think “serious pert of human nature,in the society are define the meaning of human,”she thought,”we are going to self-centered world… we are through the pornography,prostitution and child exploitation,and to create a world full of sadist,and now,we will give the sadist sex dolls,allowing them to develop the opportunity of humanity become less”.

Hong Kong’s first silicone baby sex shop has been forced to close.should it be rugulated by law?

Hong Kong’s first silicone sex doll shop,located on the fifth floor of an industrial building,was shut down by police on november 29 as part of an “anti-pornography operation”.in fact,in japan.france,spain,germany and other regions,there are also sex doll experience shop,causing a lot of controversy.

rex,a Hong Kong shop owner,started an ecperiment shop with three sex dolls.customers pay 423 RMB to spend an hour with one of them,or 16000 to 26000 fact,since sex doll rentals are in a gray area between legal an illegal,rex was penalized not for that,but for the fact that the sex doll’s body was not “properly covered” and that the owner illegally provided bootlegged pornography to customers.

the rise of the sex doll experience store must be promted by the market demand,and the pros and cons of its emergence need us to think and measure well.but if it really brings negative effects to our society,leading to a series of phenomena such as rising crime rate,then we should firmly resist it.

what do you think of this new sex doll store?