Do you know which time is not suitable for sex?

The wonderful sexual life between couples makes people look forward to it, but if we don’t grasp the right time, it may backfire and even endanger our health. For example, when they in a bad state of body and mood, it may affect the quality of sexual life. It is particularly important to note that there are eight black sex time, and we must try our best to avoid it.

1、 After drinking

Having sex after drinking is what many men and women like to do. Is that kind of confusing feeling maddening? But this is not a long-term desirable drink, especially after drinking a lot of strong alcohol, it will lead to erectile weakness or premature ejaculation of the man’s penis, hinder sexual harmony, and pregnancy after drinking will endanger the fetus. Drinking sex is also one of the most important causes of sudden death, a survey has found. Sex dolls and sex toys can be used if the other party wants to have sex

2、 Period of female menstruation

At this time, the cervix opening, sexual intercourse is very easy to infection, resulting in inflammation of the uterus or accessories. The study also found that in menstrual intercourse, women’s menstrual secretions into the male urethra, men will have urethral irritation. Therefore, avoiding sex during menstruation can effectively reduce the risk of genital infection.

3、 In a state of illness

No matter men or women, as long as they are sick, it’s better not to make love reluctantly. Because the body resistance is low when sick, the sexual sensitivity is reduced, affecting the quality of sexual life. Especially when suffering from infectious diseases, you should not have sex, otherwise you will not only suffer from it, but also pass it on to your lover.

4、 When the body is tired

“The body is the capital of revolution”, when people are tired, it’s time to rest. We can’t force ourselves to have sex. We need to consume some physical strength and energy in our sexual life. When we are tired, we can’t reach the climax in our sexual life, and we can’t get the satisfactory effect from both sides. Especially if you have sex immediately after you are tired, it will damage your health.

5、 When in a bad mood

A good sex must have a premise, that is, the faster the mood of both sides. Some couples barely have sex when one side is in a bad mood, not only can’t get the harmony of the sex life, but also can make the one who is in a bad mood have antipathy. If it happens again and again, it will lead to the frigidity of the female side or impotence of the male side.

6、 Too full or hungry

Due to the fullness and congestion of gastrointestinal tract and the relative lack of blood supply of brain and other organs of the whole body, it is not suitable to have sex just after eating; however, when people are hungry, their physical strength is reduced and their energy is not sufficient, and it is not easy to achieve satisfactory results in having sex at this time.

7、 After childbirth

If you have sex early after childbirth, it is easy to cause uterine involution and uterine bleeding. According to a survey, nearly 40% of women have sex in a hurry for the first time after childbirth, which casts a shadow on their future sex life. Generally speaking, sexual life can be gradually restored after the 6th to 8th week of postpartum.

8、 The night before dawn

This is more related to a work and rest rule. Normal people are usually in the deep sleep stage before dawn. If they are still having sex with each other at this time, it will not only make both sides not get enough rest, but also make the balance of the body maladjusted and reduce the resistance; both sides will also affect the work and learning efficiency due to excessive fatigue.