The couple’s little actions are more important than sex

How is the love between husband and wife maintained? What do women do in a relationship? What do men in sexual life? How can husband and wife improve the viscosity of their love?

1: Mutual communication

Sleeping is a very long time in our life. Sleeping is an indispensable thing in our life. You can share today’s dribs and drabs together before going to bed, even if it’s talking nonsense, such as the company’s colleagues’ gossip and the neighborhood’s affairs. Every day, you can spare some time to communicate with each other before going to bed, which can promote your feelings.

2: Appropriate flirting

Flirting can be done when you are young or before marriage, but men and women forget to flirt after marriage. You can do romantic things together to know that flirting is helpful for both love and sex. Using sex toys and sex dolls is also a way to warm up your emotions.

3: Savor the good times

Every couple has a good time, a good memory and a sweet past, so when they quarrel, you will find that you are always happy and your partner is the best.

4: Share your thoughts

The husband and wife should have a common thought and a common goal. Such a husband and wife will know how to respect each other and discuss marriage issues together. When there is a problem in marriage, they will also discuss it together, which is more conducive to the warming of each other’s feelings.

5: Touch is more important than sex

We all know the importance of sex for husband and wife. Sex is essential for husband and wife, but sex can’t exist every day, so it’s very good for husband and wife to touch each other and find some reasons to contact with husband consciously or unconsciously.