Ten causes of male sexual desire decline

1. Nutrition: nutrition is the material basis of sexual life. Malnutrition can cause amenorrhea in women. The results show that the lack of protein, zinc and other important trace elements can cause sexual dysfunction. Adequate and complete nutrition, especially the food containing high-quality protein, vitamins and zinc, can maintain the normal level of sexual function. However, it should also be noted that over nutrition can cause obesity, while severe obesity is prone to sexual desire decline.

2. Emotion: when people are in a bad mood, the sexual desire is easy to temporarily decline, especially in the extremely sad, terrorist, indignant, sad, depressed and desperate state, the sexual desire will be significantly affected, or even completely lost. As the bad mood subsides, the sexual desire will also recover, but generally speaking, the recovery time is slower than the bad mood subsides. Sex toys and sex dolls can be used to boost libido.

3. Addict to tobacco and alcohol: female alcoholism is prone to sexual dysfunction, vaginal secretion reduction, resulting in lack of pain and pleasure in sexual life, resulting in decreased libido. However, the influence of smoking and alcohol on sexual function is reversible. After quitting smoking and alcohol, most people’s sexual function can gradually return to normal level.

4. Drugs: taking some drugs for a long time or in large quantities may lead to sexual dysfunction and even female sexual apathy. There are many kinds of drugs that affect sexual function. The main and common ones are reserpine, Rauwolfia, propranolol, chlorpromazine, Prozac and some anticancer drugs. After receiving radiotherapy for a long time, sexual desire can also be reduced.

5. Living conditions: living in a disordered, poorly ventilated and overcrowded environment will not only cause poor mood, but also affect sexual function and reduce sexual desire due to lack of fresh air in the room, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Especially if several generations live in the same room or sleep in the same bed with their children, it will cause invisible pressure and easily lead to sexual desire decline. When living conditions improve, this decline will quickly return to normal.

6. Age: This is an important factor affecting sexual desire. It is not surprising that women’s sexual desire does not reach its peak until they are 30-40 years old, and gradually declines after menopause. Quite a number of young women do not have such a strong demand for sexual life itself, or even lack of initiative. Their sexual desire needs to be awakened by their husbands.

7. Season and temperature: in winter and spring when the temperature is low, most people have strong sexual desire, especially in spring, which is called courtship season, while in sweaty summer, sexual desire is often temporarily weakened. Some women’s libido is closely related to menstrual cycle, which is often enhanced a few days before menstruation, and some people are stronger about a week after menstruation.

8. Arousal, inducement and sexual life history: sexual desire is actually a kind of conditioned reflex. Besides internal causes, external stimulation is also very important.

9. Emotion: the relationship between husband and wife’s emotion and sexual desire is very close and delicate. This is not surprising, because human beings are different from other animals, the generation of sexual desire is not a simple biological instinct, but more caused by love.

Therefore, there are obstacles in the relationship between husband and wife, especially to the extent of rupture, mutual boredom and sexual desire decline. Not only that, some couples never quarrel on the surface of calm, but they don’t trust each other and worry about each other’s suspicions. This kind of seeming couple will also cause sexual desire decrease because of their bad mood. Therefore, the harmony of sexual life between husband and wife comes from the harmony of feelings between husband and wife.

10. Health status: the impact of health status on sexual desire is both important and complex, because only people with physical and mental health can maintain normal sexual desire for a long time. However, there are some patients with more serious diseases who maintain strong sexual desire as well as healthy people. Therefore, we should distinguish different situations and analyze them in detail.

When we are extremely tired or in chronic fatigue for a long time, sexual function tends to weaken. At the same time, long-term mental tension or the existence of a variety of psychological obstacles, that is, in a state of mental health will also affect sexual function. We should overcome the above factors so that the sexual function will recover soon. There are too many helplessness and fatigue in life, but both husband and wife must encourage each other to overcome the above factors that lead to low sexual desire, adjust their mentality, and let their life return to ambiguity and love.