How to use a solid sex doll

The method of using the solid sex doll is roughly divided into the following three steps: before use, during use, after use, please see the detailed explanation below.

The solid sex doll is that it is mostly made of full silicone material, which has a more realistic feel than the inflatable doll. The appearance of the physical doll is much better than the appearance of the inflatable doll, and the simulation is much higher, almost the same as a real person. Because there is a mechanical frame inside the solid doll to make the keel, it can change many poses for you to use, which is more real than the ordinary inflatable sex doll. Before using a solid doll, it should be cleaned.

When using a solid real doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the private part of the solid doll, a lubricant must be used. If the lubricant is not used, the interior of the solid doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private part of the solid doll to crack after use. It is also okay if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.

After using the solid doll, you need to wash the inside of the doll’s private part with water and clean the entire body of the solid doll. After disinfecting the solid doll, wash it with warm water, and then dry the inside and surface of the solid doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and then save it for next use.