Why is the price gap between sex dolls so large?

Silicone sex dolls have always been controversial products. Although they are developing at a high speed, the high price has always been prohibitive for ordinary consumers. Many are still arguing about the potential risks of owning a silicone girlfriend in today’s era, while others are worried about the potential risks this could bring. There seems to be growing concern that even claiming to have a sex doll is a cruel way of objectification that could seriously affect women. But no matter what the blame is, these upgraded love machines seem to be making the Internet move at full speed.

The person who created the world ’s most expensive sex doll, MattMcMullen, is an art person. When McMullen was in college, he worked in sculpture at home (mainly women), except for odd jobs. The body is quite understandable. Then he started his entrepreneurial career in his garage. Originally I just wanted to make some modeling models for people who love sculpture, but why they became sex toys later was because of public demand. Then a silicone doll that fully conforms to the human anatomy and has a hinged bone structure can be shaped.

In 1999, McMullen’s doll appeared on HBO TV, and has since appeared on more than 20 TV shows. In addition, RealDoll has also collaborated with big Hollywood stars on 10 movies, including “Military Future” starring Bruce Willis.

The material used for ordinary silicone dolls is basically thermoplastic. The work is simple and can be processed in batches. The solid sex dolls are all made of medical grade silicone. The material cost is high. Most of the built-in metal skeletons are handmade, carved, complicated, time-consuming, and costly, so the unit price is basically 10,000 yuan.