How to pick your doll’s height and styles of head carving?

Choose a height between 120-170cm, 120cm real doll body weight is about 20kg, 148 body weight is about 25kg, 160 body weight is about 30kg, 170 body body is about 35kg (this value is different for each house) Of course it must be The lighter the better, easy to carry, convenient to bathe, easy to dress. Choose body proportions, chest size. Some people like plump mature women, some people like slim girls, some people like big breasts, some people like flat breasts, etc. c. Select split or one, this mainly refers to the use of functions. The split has poor authenticity and is easy to clean; the one is beautiful and real, and difficult to clean. When choosing a skeleton, each sex doll manufacturer designs a different skeleton structure, which results in slightly different activities for each brand of dolls, and some dolls can be placed at 90% The pose is close to the real person, while some can only put 70% of the simple knowledge close to the real person, and some love dolls will regain their knowledge. This is related to his body material. If you are a photo enthusiast, the skeleton design is to Take it into consideration.

There are many styles of head carving, European and American type, Asian type, mature type, girl type, loli type and so on. The choice of looks varies from person to person. In terms of materials, the silicone head makeup is exquisite and not easy to fade. Hair can be planted with eyelashes and tpe head coating. The details are slightly poor and easy to fade. Using a hair cover, the eyelashes stick easily and fall off easily. A silicone head is highly recommended.

The physical doll is exquisite in craftsmanship, both in terms of appearance and figure are close to perfection. You can choose the appearance and figure according to personal preferences to create her (he) who belongs to you alone. It is very suitable for accompanying or taking pictures. In addition to accompany you watching TV, surfing the Internet, eating, you can also dress up for her (he) carefully, take pictures and communicate with her baby friends, and more importantly, she (he) is an excellent listener, he can tolerate everything for you .